The MercuryGate TMS for Food and Beverage Shippers

Cloud-based TMS provides tools needed to achieve transportation optimization

The Cold Supply Chain Relies on MercuryGate TMS

“We are extremely pleased with the rapid implementation and flexible support that MercuryGate has provided us. This system and process will make integration of future acquisitions much easier.” – Vice President of Logistics, Ralcorp (TreeHouse)
From farm to market, the MercuryGate TMS delivers
Leading food & beverage companies control logistics using the industry’s only single platform, omnimodal transportation management system. Whether you ship domestically or across borders and oceans, discover how the MercuryGate transportation management system (TMS) puts food on tables around the world.
Benefits of the MercuryGate TMS for Cold Supply Chain:
  • Reduce transportation costs with optimal freight procurement, planning, and execution
  • Handle increased volume and complexity of distribution network with existing resources
  • Achieve flexibility to address changing retailer demands
  • Meet regulatory compliance needs and avoid penalties while ensuring product integrity
  • Avoid over-payment to carriers and find needed capacity
  • Improve asset utilization of private fleet
Utilize a Single Platform for All Your Transportation Needs
MercuryGate provides a single platform for all modes including parcel enabling efficient management of shipments within a centralized system. Our solutions integrate inbound, outbound and reverse logistics to optimizes the entire network. By leveraging shipment consolidation, shippers can also use backhauls to reduce empty runs or allow for the use less-than-truckload (LTL) or other modes when appropriate. A key strength of the MercuryGate TMS is that parcel is included in the core solution. Flexible delivery options enables store replenishment for in store-pick up via LTL/TL or home delivery via parcel. Simple to use Mobile app allows signing and transmission of POD with the touch of a finger.
Maintain the Cold Chain in the Distribution Network with Product Segregation, Visibility and Monitoring
When transporting and loading refrigerated products, reefer complexity, driver error and wrong sequence of loading leave transportation organizations wide open to the risk of rejected loads, insurance claims and reputational damage. MercuryGate provides decision support and recommendations on item segregation based on product attributes and loading sequence based on business rules. This enables identification and separation or co-mingling of frozen vs chilled products ensuring the right mix for consolidation as well placement within containers.
Leverage Optimization to Make Smarter Decisions
Industry leading optimization capability consolidates shipment across inbound/outbound, business units, location and customers. Next generation “what-if” analytics simulates different scenarios to evaluate backhauls, pooling, mode shifting, zone skipping and model real world constraints. Optimization provides decision support on carrier selection and use private fleet vs common carriers. Web services integration utilizes accurate and real world pricing information to optimize carrier selection.
Manage Multi-Everything
One of MercuryGate strengths is its unique ability to support complex multi mode/leg/pickup/drop/customer shipments. Each leg of a multi-leg shipment can be optimized and rated separately to maximize service and minimize cost. All dependencies including any exceptions of one leg impacting other legs can be tracked at a granular and aggregate level of detail. Multi-leg shipments that will be repeated can be saved as a template and re-rated whenever necessary. All costs of complex multi-leg shipment are considered and recorded so the total landed cost is reported and available for analysis. Additionally the cost allocation across multiple carriers and customers/business units (if consolidation occurs) is also appropriately recorded.
Leverage Tools Used by Brokers to Find Capacity
Shippers can now access tools that brokers use to find capacity. Access to market-driven sourcing and spot buying via private and public bid boards. Intelligent tools to identify previous carriers and lane history. Quickly find carriers for backhauls as well. All these sources for capacity can be tapped while simultaneously comparing market benchmarks to ensure shippers are not paying too much.
Manage Globally, Execute Locally with Control Tower Visibility
MercuryGate provides cloud based solution with an integrated set of logistics partners enabling a holistic view of data, real time control tower visibility, and decision support. Management by exception and role based permissibility allows collaborative resolution of issues across suppliers, carriers and other partners. MercuryGate TMS offers an easy-to-use interface and the ability to use the reference number that’s available to locate items down to the SKU level. If the item is packed in a carton, on a pallet, in a container, on a vessel in transit, you can quickly report accurate information about the current status and expected arrival time. The MercuryGate TMS offers the ability to explore available options based on current carrier and schedule data. Collaborate with your partners in real time to find an acceptable alternative and to put the new plan into action.
Conduct Effective Freight Audits and Manage Fully Landed Costs
Whether the shipment is a simple point-to-point domestic move or a multi-leg, cross-ocean, cross-border load, all carrier and customs costs are accrued and accounted for. The fully landed costs accruals include all fees and accessorials associated with the load. When you are able to view fully landed costs, your accountants will be able to accurately allocate those costs to appropriate cost centers.
Your freight cost savings will continue after loads are delivered. Unexpected charges, at the line item level, are automatically identified by the MercuryGate TMS. Invoices that fall within your range of tolerance are automatically passed to Accounts Payable for payment. The others are reviewed and disputed until they are also approved for payment.
React Quickly to the Changing Global Market
International shippers are constantly challenged by complex multi-leg multimodal loads, documentation requirements and global trade practices that can slow down the pace of the supply chain. The MercuryGate TMS steps up to deliver management of these loads with its easy-to-use load planning interface. Whether the load is inbound or outbound, each leg is optimized with the best carrier and rate.
Shippers manage freight like an international freight forwarder – producing necessary documentation for every load. Automated filings to AES and ISF streamline the export and import processes. Plus, easy access to the Denied Party Screening database screens every shipment to protect against an inadvertent breach of security. Using the MercuryGate TMS, the changing global market is no longer a challenge.
Negotiate and Procure the Optimal Rate
Transportation costs savings begin with procuring the best available rate for every load, no matter the lane and mode. Leverage MercuryGate’s advanced transportation procurement sourcing solution to effectively manage both long-term contracts and spot rates – all while keeping your eye on the market to be sure you’re in a good negotiating position no matter what. Standardize, automate and streamline entire bidding process from RFP creation to contract award and generation.
Of course, the “best rate” isn’t always the lowest rate. There are other factors to be considered. Information is readily available about your carrier’s on-time, safety and environmental records from outside sources as well as your own historical records held within the TMS. The TMS will constantly collect carrier performance data and offer it back to you in a form that helps you always select the “best” available carrier.
Minimize Detention Charges with Accurate Appointments, Dock Scheduling and Proactive Alerts
MercuryGate TMS provides automated workflows to enforce appointments and tracking actual times. Online appointment scheduling provides easy access for carriers to make appointments. Dock scheduling capability also enables proper capacity planning and improves productivity of labor force. Proactive alerting and notifications also ensures that corrective actions can be taken to avoid penalties and ensure smooth flow of goods.

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