Freight Claims Processing Software: Benefits of Web-Native Tools

Freight claims processing software puts all relevant documents within reach electronically.

Freight claims processing is often completed by employees using traditional, inefficient methods, such as spreadsheets. Often, claims are not prioritized and are only managed by someone when they find the time. However, freight claims management is important and merits more attention, especially when trend analysis shows factors leading to recurring claims. Now, web-based freight claims processing software is changing the game and bringing small and medium-sized companies forward.

Instead of managing transportation using spreadsheets or legacy software, shippers, 3PLs, and others can turn to web-native freight claim processing software to improve back-office business performance. Web-native technology is hosted, fully functional, and based on a subscription model. 

Our white paper, Benefits of Web-Native Freight Claims Processing, covers web-native software benefits in general. The white paper also offers insight into freight claim processing within a transportation management system (TMS).

Keep reading for a better idea of the benefits of webnative freight claims processing software.

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Benefits of Web-Native Claim Processing Software

Shippers have experienced how technology like TMS platforms improves their businesses and stays competitive. Now, they can take another step in the same direction by utilizing web-native freight claims processing software as part of a TMS. Many companies have not taken this next step in using the TMS for claims management. However, they can gain insight into improving logistics and preventing loss.

Our white paper highlights seven features of web-based claim technologies and the benefits these features provide. While you’ll gain the complete list of features with in-depth benefit overviews in the white paper, here is a summary of the benefits you’ll learn about when you download your copy:

Hosted: A hosted solution can be used more easily, faster, and affordably with less risk to the shipper.
Centralized database: All users access the same database to process claims, manage data and create reports.
Subscription-based pricing: This pricing model puts more of the risk on the vendor and makes it easier for shippers of all sizes to gain access to beneficial software.

This short list gives you an idea of the features your company could gain through web-based claims processing software and how it could benefit you. Read the full white paper for more benefits and descriptions of the three included here.

Criteria for Purchasing Software

Web-based solutions give shippers a more efficient freight claim process that helps bring this activity to the forefront. Shippers can use advances in technology to cut costs and improve loss prevention.

Companies are recognizing gaps in performance and functionality with traditional installed solutions and looking to add solutions to fill these gaps. To meet needs, managers are strongly considering fully functional web-based applications. Our white paper thoroughly covers three critical evaluation areas managers consider when purchasing software. These include:

Criteria 1: Economic Superiority

Our white paper shows that a cost comparison between web-based and installed solutions goes far beyond comparing the subscription or transaction model with the license fee model.

There is much more to consider, including a long list of additional costs associated with installed software, as license fees are just a portion of the total cost. We help you understand all the aspects involved in making a true cost comparison, which puts web-based versions on top.

Criteria 2: Network Superiority

Network superiority is one of the essential features of a web-based solution. One sign of superiority: web-native solutions provide a way to effectively link different parts of the supply chain while maintaining high-level privacy and security.

Criteria 3: Technological Superiority

In our white paper, we share how internet-based solutions provide technological superiority. These solutions offer full functionality, work for all end-user machines with internet access and allow quick and easy software upgrades.

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Web-based solutions help transportation companies better manage claims and benefit from doing so. This technology allows companies to utilize their data to improve business performance.

Download and read the white paper to gain more information on the benefits of web-native software and how to evaluate this type of software best to achieve its maximum benefits.

Download Benefits of Web-Native Freight Claims Processing now.

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