Freight Order Platform Boosts Throughput with Configurable Transportation

Freight orders managed with technology increases freight tracking visibility.

Freight order costs in the U.S. continue to increase as carriers initiate more general rate increases across national and global supply chains. Smart transportation solutions and intelligent decision-making practices will go a long way in boosting throughput for shippers.

Shippers seeking ways to schedule freight shipments and manage freight rates and expenses need transportation management platforms and configurable transportation services.

The Challenges of Disparate Freight Order Management Systems

Overcoming the challenges of out-of-date freight management systems can best be achieved with transportation management platforms and digital freight logistics tools.

Freight transportation services with a system dedicated to platform management can alleviate problems related to:

  • Difficulty with freight order tracking and monitoring.
  • Miscommunications regarding all freight tracking services.
  • Poor responses to delays and disruptions in shipments.
  • Concerns over the details involved with trying to arrange shipments.
  • Incompatible tools and platforms between various partners.
  • Onboarding difficulties with transportation management platforms.
  • Lackluster collaboration and teamwork opportunities.
  • Missed opportunities without complete executability options.
  • Ineffective shaping of logistics visibility and efficiency.
  • Lower capacity, reduced profits, and poor customer service options.

Shippers Need End-to-End Visibility and Complete Configurability

A strong transportation management platform can go a long way. It increases the value of end-to-end visibility within freight management, freight order monitoring, and logistics processes.

Growth and success for local, national, and global supply chains is built on freight order platforms and configurable transportation processes. Shippers who maintain end-to-end visibility and a good degree of scalability with all freight tracking and freight management platforms will see the greatest success. Shippers can embrace these new trends and practices by arranging shipments more effectively with supply chain integration and configurability.

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Additional Ways a Configurable Freight Order Platform Enables Proactive Freight Management

A dedicated platform management system makes it easier to manage digital freight systems. Here are some ways shippers can benefit from a configurable transportation and freight management platform:
  • Manage by exception with a straightforward setup aimed at helping to arrange shipment services into a streamlined process.
  • Bring new carriers into the fold as needed to handle additional demand, rush deliveries, and specialty shipments and orders.
  • Share digital documents in real-time to help improve freight order processes and speed up pickups and deliveries.
  • Eliminate confusion over expected versus actual freight costs and track rates and trends with a greater degree of accuracy.
  • Improve understanding of what’s happening, what will happen, and what needs to happen to track all freight tracking trends.
  • Boost logistics collaboration and improve shipping services between multiple supply chains and networks.
  • Automate processes to arrange shipments and build out orders.
  • Access cloud-based capabilities that enable instant tendering, real-time tracking notifications, and on-demand communication with minimal manual effort.
  • Save on resources both in the front-end supply chain system and within the back-office team setup.

Bolster Freight Management Throughput With All Freight Tracking and Execution

It is becoming more of a challenge for shippers to arrange shipments and monitor freight order systems as supply-chain bottlenecks and tight capacity continues. A future-ready system that can scale all freight tracking needs makes it easier to maintain scalability and adaptability.

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