How to Access Instant, Dynamic Capacity with Your Routing Guide

Dynamic capacity allows you to find room on a truck as soon as it is available.
With capacity so tight right now, finding carriers to cover your freight requires flexibility and sometimes a little creativity, too. Shippers everywhere are dealing with high rates. And, making matters worse, certain carriers are even limiting where they’ll pick up from. Freight is in a seller’s market for sure.

Taken all together, this means there is a good chance your routing guide is out of date and no longer serving your company’s needs. It’s also a sign that fixing it will require a more dynamic and adaptable approach that accounts for changing market conditions. Freight markets are always cyclical, but the pressures on the logistics function to continually optimize costs and minimize transit times are not going away.

How are shippers adjusting to the rapidly changing market? Let’s explore.

Tech, Routing Guides, and Reliable Capacity

In an ideal world, a routing guide would be a “set it and forget it” thing. Shippers could run an RFP once every year or two, push out a routing guide to their locations and suppliers, and sit back feeling good that their freight will always be routed the best way. But that’s no longer a realistic expectation.
Today, shippers need a process that directs routing decisions based on what’s happening in the market right now when it comes to rates and capacity and is fully integrated into your logistics operation. In other words, routing guides need to be a dynamic set of instructions connected to your TMS that support proper execution and compliance for every shipment.
Here’s how to make your routing guide dynamic and work better for your business.

Take Back Control

Right now, carriers are in the driver’s seat when it comes to choosing the freight they move. They have the luxury of picking the best-paying loads and those from the easiest locations to work with. As carriers become more selective, shippers with a static routing guide and limited carrier relationships will often need to go further down their lists to find capacity and usually pay more than they should or compromise on service.

Leveraging technology that ensures your routing guide is filled with current rates and carrier options will extend your reach when it comes to finding the right partners. This is the power of a dynamic routing guide available with Loadsmart and MercuryGate’s digital freight TMS Integration. With the right TMS and technology partner resources at the core of your routing guide, you can find the capacity you need faster and at market-competitive rates.

Act Fast and Deliver with Precision

When there is less time to make delivery, costs go up. And when there is pressure for speed, logistics decisions can be made too quickly or without proper consideration. This is another way that dynamic routing guides provide value to shippers, and it’s vital to make sure your operation has established instructions for every type of expedited situation.
And, when the stakes are high with important shipments, the risk of making a poor carrier choice is much greater. Shipping is not just about finding the lowest cost, and service is almost always an equal consideration. A proper routing guide ensures the correct transit time, competitive cost, and reliable carrier partner who can deliver are always found.

Make Your Routing Guide Dynamic

Having a dynamic routing guide in your TMS that’s loaded with vetted logistics partners who can handle your freight at market-appropriate rates is every logistics department’s goal. The old way of doing things through annual RFPs and static routing guides doesn’t work anymore. There is too much market volatility for those tactics to be practical or reliable.

Shippers concerned with ensuring capacity and rates need to take a dynamic approach to their routing guides to ensure they can secure the cost and service level their freight needs every time.

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Prathana Iyer
Partner Sales Account Executive
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