TMS Enterprise Software: How to Build an ROI Case

Build an ROI Case for an TMS Enterprise Software

Of all the transportation management tools available to shippers and carriers today, one of the most vital is the TMS enterprise software

Many factors affect how an enterprise TMS can improve overall communication, flow, and profits throughout the supply chain. Modern tools and technology have replaced outdated data collection systems and analysis over the years. 

However, not all shippers get on-board with embracing modern automation and innovations. This is unfortunate because managers and shippers of all sizes miss out on critical data and analysis. A robust enterprise TMS is readily utilized in day-to-day operations quickly and easily.

Value of a TMS Enterprise Software Setup

The most successful supply chain networks today are those that embrace innovation, automation, and digitization. Unfortunately, many managers do not take full advantage of TMS setups. 

According to Supply Chain 24/7, “Many companies are still missing out when it comes to leveraging a full-featured and modern TMS. Shippers and 3PLs rely on spreadsheets and emails at worst or antiquated TMS software at best. That’s no way to run a modern transportation network!” 

Enterprise TMS software setups can have a massive impact on the transportation network. One of the most obvious is with return-on-investment projection and monitoring. Building an ROI case for the organization system is a critical part of supply chain management.

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ROI Case Points for a New Enterprise TMS Implementation

Enterprise TMS is a valuable tool for any manager within the shipping, freight, and transportation industries. Anyone still unsure about the value or worth of an automated system such as this needs to build an ROI case comparison. A few key things to include when making the ROI case points include:

  1. Benchmark current operations and create a standard guideline for future comparison.

  2. Evaluate missed opportunities and how enterprise TMS can help capture those.

  3. Consider hard costs, such as SaaS subscriptions, 3PL expenses, and shipping fees.

  4. Study soft costs, like employee satisfaction, customer loyalty, and brand strength.

  5. Focus on improved communications between team members and customers.

  6. Emphasize the role of routing effectiveness in generating ROI and boosting profits.

  7. Remember that capacity is always changing and leading to higher freight spend.

  8. Stay focused on customer needs and stay flexible to meet those demands and requirements.

  9. Focus enterprise TMS ROI value proposition on integrated freight shipping, tracking, and invoicing.

  10. Define new revenue lines with back-office networks and automated communications.

  11. Embrace automated processes and systems to streamline TMS setup and execution.

  12. Use machine learning analytics to get a clear picture of budget profits and losses.

Create a Winning ROI Case for an Enterprise TMS With MercuryGate Industry Leadership by Your Side

Enterprise TMS can improve overall communication, flow, and profits throughout the supply chain. Embracing technology and taking advantage of the tools available is key to success. Freight management can stay on top of the essential processes easily with a well-integrated TMS setup in place. Profits and losses remain a key focus for all managers in the industry. And a robust TMS can help improve ROI and overall profits. Making a move from outdated processes to automate systems can be intimidating at times. However, it is well worth the interments in both the short and long term.
If you’re currently investigating how a TMS could help your business, we invite you to try our ROI Calculator, which was designed to assess the potential value of a TMS, based on driving growth, reducing costs, and streamlining processes. You can either try the Self-Service Value Calculator, or if you would like a deeper dive try the Guided ROI Calculator with full cost calculations.

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