Leveraging Ecommerce Peak Season Readiness With RPA-Driven Exception Management

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Being ready for fluctuations in ecommerce is an integral part of providing quality and value to customers, whether their customers are individuals or other companies. Fortunately, there are great ways that companies can improve their ecommerce peak season readiness when they focus on robotic process automation (RPA) options that apply the value of integration for their exception management goals. Here’s what to consider.

Problems in Attaining Ecommerce Peak Season Readiness

All too often, companies aren’t ready when ecommerce peak season arrives. That could be because the season shifts a bit from the previous year, an unexpected disturbance occurs, or it could simply be attributed to a lack of proactive planning. Since there are many reasons a disturbance might appear, the biggest goal for any company is to focus on having strong RPA-driven exception management that can protect them from unexpected changes and keep them prepared for the road ahead.

That level of preparedness will benefit companies and their customers. It also frees up employees to perform more strategic work, better address issues, and work with customers to find solutions to any concerns that RPA-driven systems or automated technologies may not solve. Sometimes a human element is required, and the goal is to make sure that exception management is handled smoothly by RPA-driven processes. This frees up employees to take care of the human side of the business — a win for customers and the business.

RPA-Driven Exception Management Augments Supply Chain Agility and Flexibility

The supply chain needs to be flexible. Without flexibility in their processes, businesses are unable to adjust quickly when disruptions occur, and ultimately are unable to meet customer demands as readily. With that in mind, automated exception management can help catch supply chain issues before they become issues. It’s a great way to reduce the chances of problems with frustrated customers and items that aren’t getting delivered on time or to the right locations during ecommerce peak season times.
If there are going to be problems with the supply chain customers should be notified of the discrepancy immediately, so they can make any necessary changes on their end. RPA-driven exception management through ecommerce peak season readiness helps address that issue more thoroughly. According to Parcel Industry, “When it comes to same-day delivery, the expectations of consumers have dramatically changed within the last few years. As a result, those in the customized logistics and delivery industry have had to embrace some big changes.” RPA has helped companies adjust to those changes faster and more efficiently without increasing their physical space and presence.

Tips for Using RPA to Increase Peak Season Readiness

Like any tool used for ecommerce peak season readiness or related concerns in shipping, transportation, or logistics, RPA isn’t perfect and can only do so much. The key is to use it wisely and effectively take advantage of what it offers, allowing human workers to focus on other issues that automation just can’t handle. To help ensure that RPA-driven exception management is being used to the fullest, companies may want to:
  • Let RPA look into past ecommerce peak season records to determine where problems appeared.
  • Examine the ways RPA could have reduced or eliminated those problems, particularly regarding check calls.
  • Connect ELDs to the TMS to better identify and intervene when exceptions, such as road closures affecting delivery schedules, occur.
  • Consider new ways to automate processes handled by humans in the past, such as validating printed labels against computer records, reviewing inbound emails, and handling requests for appointments at the dock.

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