Maximize Technology ROI with your Transportation Management System

Analysis is required to determine technology ROI

When your Transportation Management System (TMS) is optimized, it can dramatically improve the way goods move from suppliers to customers. This efficiency level is critical for thriving and resiliency in any market conditions. Whether you are kicking the tires on a new TMS or looking to get more out of your current solution, conducting a technology ROI analysis can uncover insights into the strategic benefits of TMS investments and further drive return on your investment.

In this article, we cover the value of conducting a technology ROI session and share several resources you can leverage to ensure your TMS delivers the return you need and deserve.

Unpacking TMS ROI

Robotics, AI, and automation are reshaping supply chains as we know them. With so many options available, adopting the right blend of technology to position your business for growth can be challenging. Transportation Management Systems, once considered a luxury, are quickly becoming an industry standard for companies of all sizes.

Diving into a new TMS isn’t just about splurging on shiny software. It’s also about ensuring it clicks with your current systems for a smooth experience across your supply chain. Like any investment, your TMS should create ROI value for your operations today and in the future by reducing costs, accelerating growth, and streamlining processes.

At MercuryGate, we know your business is evolving rapidly. For this reason, we developed self-service ROI calculators to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Blueprint for Maximizing Your Technology ROI

Uniquely designed for optimizing transportation, our technology ROI calculators reveal potential savings across routing, freight spending, claims management, and more. Utilizing our tools to calculate ROI is foundational to quantifying TMS value for optimizing freight spend, final mile expenditures, and claims management. At the same time, our downloadable reports aid in building the case for TMS adoption and enhancements.

Using the ROI Calculators from MercuryGate combines the best of both worlds: your industry knowledge and our technology expertise. This powerful collaboration allows our professional services and customer success teams to find the ideal solution for your unique needs.

Conducting a Technology ROI Analysis

Wherever you are in your TMS journey, start by adopting the principle of “beginning with the end in mind,” envisioning your ideal transportation management setup. This process helps establish qualitative factors and quantitative KPIs that justify investment.

You can identify and bridge the gaps once you’re clear about your current and ideal scenarios and what it will cost to get there. It sounds simple, but without the right systems, collecting data from various sources and validating its reliability are severe roadblocks. These blindspots skew returns or cause you to miss opportunities.

The MercuryGate TMS aggregates transportation data to provide insights, spot trends, and identify opportunities. By leveraging data-driven insights, you can transform your transportation management operations into a continuous improvement juggernaut.

Aligning Visions and Goals

A recent independent study found that the MercuryGate TMS delivers an ROI of over 300% over a five-year period through optimization, visibility, task automation, and identifying opportunities. However, nobody understands your business and customers as much as you do. You also have the most significant insights into ROI impacts. Collaboration supercharges the investment and drives further value by aligning your strategic priorities with Mercurygate’s TMS capabilities.

A Continuous Return on Investment

Waste and opportunities are all around us. Capitalizing on these opportunities and continuously removing waste separates best-in-class organizations. Success stories and case studies continue to reveal the profound power of enhancing efficiencies and reducing costs with MercuryGate’s TMS. This isn’t a one-and-done investment but a long-term collaboration where your transportation management is better each day than the day before. That is how you build resilience and drive growth.

Calculate your potential Saving While Using an enterprise TMS

Pathway to Enhancing Technology ROI

The pathway to achieving a solid return on investment in technology requires a vision, understanding, and courage to take the leap. Each of these is enhanced through collaboration with a technology partner you can trust will deliver value generation and evolve as your business and the industry continuously transform.

At MercuryGate, we have the best transportation management system in the industry. We encourage you to schedule a demo and leverage our technology ROI calculators to see how we can help you improve your transportation management operations.

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