MercuryGate Sees Gartner TMS Magic Quadrant Rank of “Challenger,” Thanks to Rapid Expansion of International Presence

Gartner Magic Quadrant 2021 - International Presence

MercuryGate Global Capabilities on Full Display

Defining success in the modern supply chain often comes down to how well a vendor stacks up when analyzed by a truly independent third party. Each year, Gartner takes on this colossal task by reviewing an armada of potential TMS solutions, as well as other industry vertical technological capabilities, within the annual Magic Quadrant for Transportation Management Systems. It comes as no surprise that once again, MercuryGate, with its global, easy-to-use, and near-endless multimodal capabilities, was included in this year’s Magic Quadrant as a clear challenger.

Why Was MercuryGate Included in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant

The rationale for including MercuryGate is simple and comes from the immense power found within the MercuryGate TMS. MercuryGate’s TMS supports shippers of all sizes and can quickly scale with organizations to accommodate changing demand. That was a powerful capability before the significant disruptions of the previous year. However, those disruptions have spotlighted the ability and absolute necessity to rapidly evolve supply chain technology to meet changing demands.

Another strong emphasis by Gartner comes from the MercuryGate commitment to continuously expand through new alliances and partnerships. MercuryGate’s TMS is designed with open versatility in mind, meaning it is constantly growing as more users come into the platform. That was exhibited by numerous partnerships and acquisitions forged in recent years. The growing capability and power of the platform allows customers of the TMS to easily onboard the enterprise platform and have staff adopt the powerful transportation technology, providing a return on investment for buyers in addition to creating a strategic competitive advantage by using logistics efficiency to improve customer experience.

That was on full display in this year’s Magic Quadrant, where Gartner noted, “the majority of our customers use MercuryGate to initiate and manage shipments with multinational” presence. In other words, many organizations may be headquartered in the United States, but their activities and global networks stand on all continents, including the occasional shipment to Antarctica. While that was not necessarily highlighted within the Magic Quadrant this year, it does indicate that MercuryGate is on a path toward continued growth with end-to-end optimization and continuous advancement along the way.

Gartner further recognizes that MercuryGate’s TMS is capable and worthy as it is used in non-US domestic markets to handle more than $800 million in freight under management. Meanwhile, the MercuryGate platform is global-ready, supporting 18 languages, 52 currencies, and approximately 50% of all shipments processed within MercuryGate contain an international movement at some stage and 9.5 million loads with international moves and 15,000+ daily non-US logins.

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MercuryGate’s TMS Was Also Chosen for Its Ability to Work across Freight Management Segments

A common challenge for organizations looking for a TMS comes down to how well the TMS can work with the entire transportation network. A TMS could hypothetically be designed to operate solely for shippers. It could be used solely for brokers and logistics service providers. It could work solely for carriers. Additionally, many companies look to a TMS that has multiple capabilities, such as meeting the demand of the market for TMS platforms to enable digital freight networking, and load matching capabilities, as noted by Supply Chain Quarterly. However, the real advantage and highlight, attracting Gartner’s attention, comes from the ability to work seamlessly across all freight management segments. That is the true distinction of the world-class, enterprise-class TMS platform like MercuryGate.

What’s Next for MercuryGate

MercuryGate is continuously looking for opportunities to improve its platform and satiate the needs of all users. Recently, MercuryGate has invested in last mile logistics technology with the acquisition of Cheetah Software.

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