Optimize Transportation to Embrace Peak Season Uncertainty

Embrace uncertainty this peak season with an optimized TMS

Modern shipping comes with a lot of uncertainty. Unexpected challenges require a shift in priorities and a change in our focus. As we’re headed into peak season, which maxes out operations and capacity, it’s tougher than normal to deal with disruptions and adapt on the fly. While shippers can’t plan for everything, if you optimize transportation management, you’re ready to embrace uncertainty … even during peak season.

Watch our webinar with FreightWaves, to learn how MercuryGate and Amazon Freight are working together to establish a transportation management environment with less uncertainty and better optimization.

Keep reading this blog post for an overview of the webinar’s key points related to the upcoming peak season.

Challenges of Peak Season Transportation 2022

During our webinar, we took a quick poll of attendees to find out the biggest challenge they anticipate for this year’s peak holiday season. While last year saw different challenges, this year, our webinar viewers expressed the most concern about:

  • Supply chain issues (29%)
  • Rates and surcharges (27%)
  • Service levels (21.6%)
  • Finding capacity (10.8%)
  • Other (10.8%)
It makes sense that supply chain issues top the list, as that has been a concern over the past few years. That said, problems with the supply chain have shifted over time, which leaves people wondering what supply chain disruptions they’ll have to deal with next. The best thing to do is prepare as best as possible through technology, analytics, and planning capacity.

As we approach peak season, shippers have concerns about high inventory levels for products that sit, low inventory for hot items, and whether they can keep up with eCommerce demand.

Third-party logistics providers, 3PLs, have their own concerns. These include managing costs for shippers, which are constantly shifting, and helping shippers navigate capacity constraints, which is a complex process. They must focus on these concerns while meeting delivery dates and staying competitive.

The driver situation is another challenge present during this year’s peak season. So, too, is cyber security, as we see large organizations get hacked, which creates downtime and impacts operations. Any kind of downtime during peak season could cause a major problem.

Is your company facing concerns and uncertainties like these? What is your biggest concern as we go into peak season?

Solve Uncertainty During Transportation Peak Season

In essence, many concerns surrounding peak season have to do with uncertainty. Suppliers aren’t sure how their processes could be affected by changing rates, fuel prices, driver issues, and other supply chain disruptions. You can’t control everything, but you can be prepared to adapt to changes. One of the best ways to do that is through technology, including an optimized transportation management system.

That’s why at MercuryGate, we transitioned our cloud-hosting platform to Amazon Web Services, which will help us better serve our customers and deliver our solutions by providing a scalable, easy-to-use platform. That’s just the start of the benefits. Our AWS cloud migration provides our users with a secure solution that alleviates a lot of cyber security worries.

At the same time, Amazon invents and invests in technology to always move forward. Our MercuryConnect Partner uses machine learning and algorithms to optimize logistics beyond what people can do. During our webinar, MercuryGate Vice President Hannah McClellan discusses how Amazon improves road safety through tools such as lane departure and collision warnings. Shippers can utilize Amazon’s innovation through its transportation network, and carriers can become part of the network, which includes choosing loads.

MercuryGate is also focused on innovation in areas such as:
  • Organic development, our strategic roadmap, and improved functionality to support the first, middle, and final mile.
  • Improved visibility into different parts of the supply chain and analytics to help shippers overcome volatility.
  • Optimization strategies that allow digital freight providers to become part of the capacity equation, giving shippers more options.
  • Process automation that limits manual activities and maximizes resources.

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Learn More About Adapting to Challenges Through Technology

Overall, utilizing the best logistics technology, including an optimized transportation management system, can help weather uncertainty, rise to challenges, and thrive during peak seasons.

Want to learn more about how digital freight matching can help you optimize transportation through your TMS? Download our eBook on the State of Digital Freight Networks.

Watch a replay of our entire webinar with Amazon Freight Vice President Hannah McClellan for a more in-depth discussion on these topics. Webinar discussion also highlights ground-breaking sustainability initiatives by measures by Amazon Freight and MercuryGate.

Watch Amazon & MercuryGate Talk about Optimizing TMS for Peak Season


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