SCM Cyber Security: Mitigating Supply Chain Risks of Cyberattack

See how your TMS guards against cyber security threats.

Cybercriminals are working harder than ever to disrupt the transportation and shipping industry. High-profile attacks range from hacking traffic signals to clog supply lines, up to more invasive actions behind company firewalls that end in lost revenue and proprietary data. As a result, security configuration management – or SCM cyber security is a top priority for most companies that rely on transportation logistics and other services in the global supply chain.

In 2016, an attack on a light rail network in San Francisco blocked access to emails and internal websites, internal company data, and partnership data. Similarly, past ransomware attacks on the city of Atlanta’s transportation department interfered with services, The New York Times reported.

More examples of cybercriminals hacking transportation systems are available online, underscoring the dire need for SCM cyber security systems and processes throughout supply chain networks. Shipping and transportation service providers must prioritize managing freight process risks, including supply chain cyber risks.

Let’s examine SCM cyber security applications in supply chain management. This blog also examines some of the threats that jeopardize your transportation data security.

Understanding SCM and Cyber Security for Supply Chain Applications

SCM cyber security is the overall process of management and control within a company, industry, or network. It utilizes secure configurations and software integration to establish an information system that enables improved security measures while facilitating risk management.

Often, the shipping and transportation sector faces more vulnerability to supply chain cyber threats and attacks when compared against other industries. This is mainly due to a dependence on technology and the constant struggle to keep up with diverse and complex transportation activities.

According to the Transportation Systems Sector-Specific Plan from the Homeland Security and the U.S. Department of Transportation, the cause for this increased vulnerability directly ties back to a “…growing reliance on cyber-based control, navigation, tracking, positioning and communications systems, as well as the ease with which malicious actors can exploit cyber systems serving transportation.”

SCM builds on the general concepts, processes, and activities of existing security processes and focuses on the implementation maintenance and improvement of this infrastructure. Testing security measures, improving upon them, and setting up new standards where none have existed is at the heart of SCM cyber security.

Typical Transportation Data Security Risks and How to Overcome Them

Because every company and attack is different, various factors and considerations must frame any discussion regarding the risks associated with poor transportation data security setup and management. However, a sound security system reduces the risks of cyberattacks and makes attacks more easy to overcome.
There are many ways that cyberattacks and subsequent data breaches can impact shippers and LSPs. Here are some of the costs at stake in an attack.
Loss of Data and Resources

One of the leading areas of concern for LSPs and transportation companies today, loss of data and resources can be challenging to quantify, monetarily. However, the loss of these valuable resources can cause severe disruption within your company, potentially even causing its collapse. An SCM cyber security setup can significantly reduce security risks.

Financial and Legal Fallout

SCM cyber security reduces the risk of financial loss or legal troubles related to freight management hacks. Some breaches end in lawsuits and other legal action levied against the company by customers and other data-theft victims. The legal costs for court proceedings and financial settlements can be high.SCM processes add another layer of protection for any company.

Branding and Reputation Damages

Even if your company survives a cyberattack and the ensuing financial, legal, and data ramifications, you still face the threat of lasting damage. Once a freight transportation company gets attacked, customers may feel the need to find another service provider.Third-party collaborators may turn to competitors for more secure partnerships. SCM cyber security protect your company’s brand and reputation.

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See how your TMS guards against cyber security threats.


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