Why Risk It? Secure Valuable Data with a TMS

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How a TMS Can Secure Your Valuable Data

No company is safe from the threat of a data security breach.
It’s clear by these eye-opening statistics below that organizations need to take strategic steps to protect themselves.
  • The global cost of cybercrime will reach $2 trillion by 2019, a threefold increase from the 2015 estimate of $500 billion.
  • 59%of employees steal proprietary corporate data when they quit or are fired.
  • 63% of businesses don’t have a ‘fully mature’ method to track and control sensitive data.
  • Cyberattacks are more methodical and strategic than ever before
Cyberattacks are no longer spawned from bored teens who want a laugh. Cyberattacks have evolved into organized crime in which the methods and purpose is changing. Hackers are not looking for a one-time intrusion to gather as much information as possible, but rather these targeted attacks are intended to continue to extract information over an extended period without your company even knowing it.
E-mail and documents proven to leave transportation industry vulnerable to attacks
Aside from the ever-looming terror of cyber hackers, there is an internal threat that is just as important. Information stored in word documents and spreadsheets are at risk of being destroyed by computer malfunctions or vulnerable to being lost, overwritten or accidentally deleted. Moreover, what happens if only a limited number of employees have access to it and they leave the company?

What can you do to secure your company?

For supply chain and logistics leaders who are still utilizing manual paperwork and Excel spreadsheets, it’s time to consider a secure platform like a transportation management system (TMS) to confidently secure your pertinent company information.
The MercuryGate TMS is built with industry-standard security structures in place, including:
  • HTTPS secured TMS App under stringent User ID and password lock
  • Detailed transaction and activity logs for each user
  • Performance monitoring at application, database, and network levels
  • TMS and related applications are hosted in data centers that are owned and operated by trusted third parties
  • Secured enablement ensures agitated former employees cannot take data with them
  • MercuryGate employs top-notch security experts who work diligently to ensure data is consistently secured from attacks.
“Our mission is to ensure your data is never compromised so we actively monitor activity 24 hours a day,” says Kevin LoGuidice, Vice President, Development. “This level of scrutiny is what customers have come to appreciate about our solution. It’s not just about setting up your security and walking away, we continuously remain as your first line of defense from threats.”
Forgo manual data labor and give your company real-time analysis
Even more than securing your data, a TMS can help to alleviate further strains your company may be experiencing with traditional paperwork and spreadsheets. For instance, the effort to get the data succinct, in place and distributed to the organization is abolished using a TMS.

The TMS allows your organization to:

  • Aggregate information from all your various sources into a real-time dashboard visible across the entire organization through one platform.
  • Reduce the need of inputting and updating data through a spreadsheet.
  • Ensure accuracy and reduce human error touchpoints.
  • Take the strain off your data analyst to provide information as you need and allow your company to gain the insights they need as they happen.
To protect your organization from breaches, it’s best to start by ensuring all possible data entry points are secured. More traditional channels, such as a spreadsheet increases your vulnerability. Decrease your exposure to risk by integrating a secure TMS to protect your data.

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