The Supply Chain’s Impact on Customer Service

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Want to improve customer service? Start with your supply chain. An optimized supply chain will allow you to achieve three key benefits:
  • Deliver products to your customers with more efficiency and accuracy
  • Track shipments from end-to-end to ensure they reached their destination
  • Optimize your inventory levels to reduce out-of-stocks

Consumers choose convenience and supply chain managers take notice

Leading organizations have caught on to the customer service secret weapon and have begun to invest more time and technology into their supply chain to achieve greater optimization.
According to a study conducted by the Retail Leaders Association:
  • 56% work for companies that will increase spending on supply chain process improvement this year
  • 26 percent of executives say their companies are prioritizing “enhanced customer service” as their primary supply chain strategy, up from 11 percent in 2015.
A survey conducted by Convey found that, “66% of online consumers said a poor delivery experience could prompt them to hit another ecommerce retailer.”
1. Start with Technology
The most efficient way to ensure that your supply chain strategy is optimal is to arm it with technology. Integrations such as a transportation management system(TMS) can help to provide you with clear, real-time data and visibility to make the right business decisions quickly.
The right transportation management can help you manage inventory levels, improve on-time delivery, and gain end-to-end visibility. Learn more about the benefits of a TMS for shippers.
2. Evaluate Customer Service Feedback
Request data and survey results as it directly relates to delivery and on-time performance. By better understanding your customer concerns, you can modify your current supply chain strategy to match consumer preferences. Set new goals based on customer comments and strive to exceed expectations through their line of sight and you will begin to see a vast improvement in overall customer satisfaction.
If data isn’t available, the meet with your customer service representative to gain an insider perspective as to the concerns and comments they receive from the customer base. A quick conversation may open the door for a new idea that can vastly improve performance.
3. Talk to Your Partners
3PLs and carriers are readily available to ensure that your goals are met. Logistics providers are now offering more services to help accommodate pressing consumer demands, like network design and vendor management, as well as inbound and outbound transportation. In keeping the conversation open with your partners, they will be able to gain beneficial knowledge of your business, including areas of opportunity, customer profiles, and changes in distribution centers.
The supply chain will always remain a critical component to any business. Discover even more ways to optimize your supply chain through the power of integrated technology, such as a transportation management system.

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