Guiding shippers ahead of the curve: The Amazon Freight and MercuryGate integration

Amazon Freight’s network of carriers and more than 50K trailers offer freight capacity to MercuryGate TMS users.

Between tracking down freight quotes, accommodating for unforeseen weather events, and monitoring shipments in real-time, you have a lot to manage as a shipper. That’s why MercuryGate and Amazon Freight collaborated to bring to bear the best of what they each offer.

Together, they help you stay ahead of constant market changes and get your freight where it needs to be. Since May 2022, shippers on the MercuryGate transportation management system (TMS) can book their loads with Amazon Freight’s expanding network.

A perfect pair

It’s a powerful match. On one hand you have Amazon Freight’s network of carriers and more than 50,000 trailers. That’s part of the same network that uses to keep its loads moving, and now you can use it for your freight needs. On top of it, Amazon Freight is built on Amazon’s advanced technology and transportation capabilities and vigorous obsession with the shipping customer.

MercuryGate brings more than two decades of experience, and a reputation across the transportation industry for offering cutting-edge software solutions to help modernize their customers’ operations. 

What it all means for you

With the uncertainty you face as a shipper, sometimes the best path is to embrace it and remember that capacity that scales with you and a team focused on your success are always critical. Amazon Freight and MercuryGate give you the confidence that comes with being prepared.

That starts with competitive prices. The integration allows shippers to leverage Amazon Freights’ existing trailer fleet and backhaul lanes to move their loads. Its network tools improve loaded drive time, maximize tours, and reduce empty miles. Couple it all with more flexible options and advanced forecasting and it results in more competitive rates.

It also means critical information at your fingertips. As the relationship develops, you’ll see all the info you need in the solution, including instant rates, tendering, and tracking. That boils down to you being able to make more swift decisions and cut through the clutter. Whether it’s full truckload inbound to Amazon’s facilities, outbound to your clients, or between your facilities, Amazon Freight’s fleet of carriers can help.

Being a shipper today is no easy responsibility but there is a way through it with Amazon Freight and MercuryGate.

Learn more about MercuryGate’s partnership with Amazon Freight

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