TMS Enterprise Control: Gaining Visibility and User Insights

TMS Enterprise Control
In today’s world, shippers have a mountain of responsibilities. They serve as fulfillment centers for e-commerce orders, customer service workers, and more. Wearing so many hats results in problems maintaining control over their operations, and customer demands are only continuing to increase. Unfortunately, many issues derive from a lack of supply chain visibility. As explained by Supply Chain 24/7, as few as 16.9% of supply chains have end-to-end visibility, despite growing adoption rates of transportation management systems (TMS). To recapture costs and manage freight, shippers need to understand a few things about visibility and how TMS enterprise control can improve supply chain efficiency.

What’s Wrong With Enterprise Logistics Visibility?

Enterprise logistics visibility is a problem that results from the growth of global supply chains. Larger corporate footprints amount to more opportunities for poor visibility. Unfortunately, visibility remains difficult for logistics service providers and shippers alike deriving from these critical issues:
  • Shippers track the wrong data. Using incorrect data results in improper insights and may lead to higher supply chain costs.
  • Data insights rely on outdated algorithms and processes. Even analytics implemented within the last five years are at risk of becoming stale. Instead of relying on obsolete analytics, focus on cloud-based, real-time intelligent analytics.
  • Failure to understand data leads to poor decision making. The lack of data amounts to assumption-based freight management, increasing costs along the way.
  • Misconceptions about the cost of visibility remain. Significant misconceptions about supply chain visibility continue to undermine investment rates. The truth is simple; visibility gains outweigh investment costs.
  • Data remains in siloes. Siloed data means insights are never derived from the whole, company wide picture.

TMS Enterprise Functions Enable Visibility and User Insights

The goals of supply chain visibility are simple and easy to understand. Visibility promises lower risk, faster lead times, and better forecasting. These improvements contribute to better customer service, lower inventory carrying costs, and quicker delivery. TMS enterprise control offers significant advantages for visibility. For instance, enterprise controls ensure data-driven decision making and better reporting throughout the company.

How to Improve TMS Enterprise Control Faster and More Effectively

While a TMS can dramatically improve supply chain processes, it still relies on a few other factors in the supply chain. To maximize efficiency and use of TMS enterprise control functions, shippers should follow these best practices.
  1. Get all supply chain partners on board and using the same TMS.
  2. Eliminate data siloes by integrating all existing systems with the TMS.
  3. Diversify your carrier base by taking advantage of all carriers already available within the platform.
  4. Track data regarding carrier compliance and on-time delivery.
  5. Include instructions for inbound freight routing within the TMS rulesets.
  6. Connect supply chain assets, ranging from in-house drivers through dock tracking systems, to your TMS.

Augment Supply Chain Visibility With an Advanced TMS

Better supply chain visibility is the best way to lower freight spend and increase supply chain control. Moreover, improved visibility lends itself to more informed decision making and faster responsiveness. Give your organization the tools it needs to succeed and achieve end-to-end visibility by implementing a new TMS.

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