Voice of The Customer in Modern TMS Platforms

Voice of the customer feedback is critical in maintain 5-star solutions and service

The “voice of the customer” is more than a catchy buzz phrase. It’s the collective summary of a customer’s feedback and sentiment toward a particular product or service. It’s a direct line of communication and feedback from customers that’s useful in shaping the future of products and services provided by a company.

MercuryGate’s hardwired use of customer feedback improves the experience throughout both the buyer journey and user journey. And I believe we deliver better products and services because we recognize that the voice of the customer is essential – and we listen.

Why Is The Voice of the Customer Important?

The voice of the customer is not simply a review or wish list. Instead, it’s an active conversation that prioritizes customer service and needs. Through the voice of the customer, buyers and users become the focus of corporate objectives, which, in turn, yields better products and services. However, the voice of the customer is only valuable if an organization understands its customers and uses their feedback.
And that feedback isn’t just a single input on a particular occasion. It is an ongoing conversation about the customer’s needs and how they change over time. It’s a continuous process that enables MercuryGate’s development team to evolve technology capabilities for stronger performance to help clients overcome their business and transportation challenges.

Leading Companies Drive Innovation with the Voice of the Customer

Listening to the voice of the customer is vital in any market, even more so during times of uncertainty and disruption. MercuryGate understands that, and we create the proper forums and channels to ultimately maximize value for buyers and users.

Forbes further explained the value of this point, “Customers can get the support they need from your community and enjoy a direct line of communication to voice their feedback in that space. They get access to content resources, educational materials and product discussion (just to name a few). They build networks and stay connected with products through a system built around mutual value delivery — and all this contributes to a delightful customer experience, which drives loyalty and revenue.”

Customers are the heart and soul of the full MercuryGate tech stack – and they have been for over 20 years! By genuinely listening to the voice of the customer, we maintain that focus. In turn, MercuryGate is better able to deliver new capabilities, timely services, and access to features. Among these, capabilities like freight pooling or predictive ETAs alleviate strain during disruption.

MercuryGate Has a Purpose-Built Process to Engage Customers

We use voice of the customer tools to open dialogue and engage with buyers and users through a dedicated customer portal. Here, we welcome development ideas and provide a resource for tracking those ideas – from ideation to development and launch on our software roadmap.

MercuryGate has received and incorporated hundreds of ideas into our roadmap. This vital input drives innovations and sparks creative, meaningful dialogue across our diverse customer base.

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The Voice of the Customer Is at the Core of MercuryGate

The best-built platforms delivering real value have the voice of the customer at their heart. MercuryGate is proudly committed to leveraging this invaluable resource to set a new standard for customer-driven innovation. This is the fundamental force behind all voice of the customer best practices and uses. That’s how MercuryGate helps companies like yours get the most out of transportation networks.

When you choose a transportation management platform, make sure it is developed with attention to the voice of the customer. To learn more about how we use your feedback to engineer solutions that improve freight and logistics management, speak with an expert at MercuryGate today.

Speak to an Expert to Learn How MercuryGate Puts the Voice of the Customer First.


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