White Glove Delivery: What to Look for When Choosing a Provider

White Glove Delivery service varies depending on capabilities

The future of supply chain customer service is as promising as ever. Fully customized services can be tailored to each individual delivery according to a customer’s unique needs. An enterprise TMS platform and white glove delivery services offer a proven foundation for optimizing that delivery and improving each customer’s experience. 

Custom ordering options, specialized shipping and tracking protocols, and final delivery and setup services are becoming the norm rather than the exception. These personalized services have long coincided with high-value customers and transactions.

What Is White Glove Delivery?

Characterized by an attention to detail, individuality, convenience, speed, and personalized fulfillment, this high standard of service often gets relegated to the well-to-do clients of large corporations and deep-pocketed consumers. 

However, as the focus on a customer-first mindset among final mile service providers increases, the options for white glove services grow more attainable for the average consumer.

Still, very few organizations follow through on providing this level of service. 

According to McKinsey & Company, “There are two primary reasons for this. First, many believe it to be prohibitively expensive. Second, building a comprehensive customer profile requires a high level of cross-departmental visibility, which in turn necessitates enablers such as organizational structure changes and IT investments.” 

To offer this level of high-quality personalized service to everyone, customer service is a responsibility that must extend beyond a single department within the business chain of command.

Every department interacting with the customer to ensure on-time delivery and complete satisfaction must have white glove services in mind. This includes sales, marketing, product design, collections, and the front line. To find the right third-party service provider for optimal white glove delivery, consider the following:

Faster Scheduling

White glove delivery is all about convenience and timeliness. 

Customers want the option to say when and where deliveries will be handed off, including special meetups, drop-off or pick-up locations and specified time frames. 

A good provider will be able to adapt in order to meet the customer’s needs. Predictive analytics and planning support set up for goods when needed according to each customer’s delivery requirements and schedule.

Integrated Document Management

A good delivery service provider will automate processes and stay up to date regarding the latest innovations with documentation and communications.

Everything from sales receipts, proof of delivery, digital signatures, automated communications and push notifications should come standard every single time. This must also include delivery and setup instructions and expectations, too.

Clear Delivery Service and Setup Instructions

If the customer gives no preferences or instructions, then the service provider needs to fulfill all details about delivery and set up. 

This includes time estimates, locations, delivery details, contact information, answers to frequently asked questions, tracking information, and other vital information from the supply chain logistics team.

Item Removal and Haul-Away

Another popular feature of optimized white glove delivery includes hauling or disposal services. 

When new products are brought in and assembled on-site for the customer, removal and disposal of the old items constitutes a service that has ranked high on customers’ expectations. It needs to come standard with all white glove freight delivery.

Customer Satisfaction Delivery Service Survey

White glove delivery stands out from standard delivery options because it is strongly oriented to the customer.

Optimal customer service remains a primary goal. 

Surveys and requests for customer reviews usually follow a white glove setup or delivery because it helps keep the customer’s needs front and center.

Contactless Delivery Service

Even as things slowly return to some semblance of normalcy, the need for social distances and remote services remain high demand. 

Custom delivery options, including contactless and social-distance drop-offs and setups, should continue for customers if they desire such features when scheduling their services.

Improve White Glove Delivery With the Right Technology

A lot has changed in recent years regarding delivery and TMS platform integration and logistics management. 

Fortunately, white glove delivery services offer a high return on investment. Personalized shipping, delivery, and setup services provide a unique opportunity for shippers to enjoy significant cost savings.

Maximize white glove service options and treat customers the way they want to be treated


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