How to Achieve On-Time Delivery with TMS and Keep Your Customers Happy

Knowing how to achieve on-time delivery through your TMS guarantees optimal service at every destination.

Logistics challenges continue to change the very structure and appearance of the supply chain network. This is especially true when it comes to knowing how to achieve on-time delivery to meet customer expectations. 

While the industry as a whole has survived the trucking capacity crunch, issues and disruptions still abound. Issues such as driver shortage, fee absorption, outdated data tracking, and changing customer demands are forcing logistic managers to adapt quickly. It makes supply chain directors rethink transportation management systems (TMS) and how they can be utilized within the supply chain. Keeping customers happy is the goal, and on-time delivery is how it is done. With a TMS in place, the entire process becomes much more accessible, streamlined, and easier to manage day in and day out.

How the Issue of Empty Miles and Excessive Fees Affects Delivery Results

Of all the services offered by shippers, on-time delivery cannot be negated. The biggest obstacle to successful delivery is the issues of empty miles that lead to excessive fees. While they seem small at first glance, little fees and expenses incurred from empty loads and dead haul miles can quickly add up. When trucks run empty, fuel and capacity space is wasted. This can lead to indirect lines of shipping and poor communication. Delays and disruptions become more common and also harder to deal with. All of this can cause on-time delivery windows to come and go for supply chains. However, this all can be easily avoided with the right TMS in place to enhance the shipping process from start to finish.

Embracing Innovative TMS Options to Change the Outlook for Supply Chain Logistics

With innovations and enhanced TMS platforms to work with, supply chain logistics can be significantly improved. This, in turn, can allow for more successful on-time deliveries. Moving from old and outdated methods to new automated and innovative ways is what makes shippers successful. This shift can occur by focusing on three key concepts within the TMS:

  • Reducing fees and maximizing load capacity with bright loading and optimization.
  • Enhancing communication lines for faster responses to disruptions and deviations.
  • Improving supply chain strength and flexibility with a customized TMS game plan.
Focusing attention toward on-time delivery being the norm is critical for continued growth and recovery in the industry.
And, making those necessary changes to adjust and adapt to changes in the industry is more critical now than ever before.

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Looking Toward Innovative TMS Systems to Achieve On-Time Deliveries

For too long, freight management and its associated use of TMS platforms have been a very fragmented industry. This has had a profound impact on the industry’s ability to stand behind the promise of successful delivery services. With modern TMS becoming the new normal within the industry, there is much to look forward to as things begin to improve. According to Supply Chain 24/7, “With TMS opening up to a broader audience, and with vendors coming up with innovative new capabilities and integrations, this particular software sector’s growth trajectory should continue in 2020 and beyond. Also, driving that train is a host of transportation challenges that aren’t getting any easier to manage using manual systems.” TMS platforms are changing the shipping and transportation landscape and for the better. Securing on-time delivery status is easier with the right tools and systems in place.

Meet Customer Needs and Demands While Maximizing ROI With the Right TMS Partnership

Happy customers are loyal customers, and the best way to keep them happy is with reliable, on-time delivery of all shipping loads. With a TMS partnership in place, the intricate shipping supply chain becomes much easier to manage. With an experienced TMS vendor on the team, overcoming shipping challenges is a breeze.

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