Why Freight Document Management Benefits from Digital Document Generation

Freight document management with digital document generation.

Freight managers balance many critical processes integral to the smooth and successful completion of deliveries. Vital among them, best practices for freight document management ensures that managers, shippers, drivers, carriers, brokers, and customers have quick and easy access to shipping documents.

Meanwhile, according to FreightWaves, “It is estimated that 15% of transportation costs are attributed to paperwork, documentation, and administration.”

Digital document generation not only streamlines information access among supply chain partners. It also reduces operating expenses related to routine freight management processes. Let’s explore how using innovative and automated services within a collaborative TMS platform makes it easier to manage logistics paperwork.

What Is Digital Freight Document Generation?

Digital document creation and freight document management tools improve your service within freight transportation and shipping.

Document generation uses existing templates for invoices, POD requests, CMRs, and bills of lading to produce digital files with auto-fill features and customization. Using digital documents shared within one system, you can eliminate paper documents and email exchanges.

And thanks to advances in cloud-based storage, real-time data collection, and on-demand tracking updates, transportation managers can keep track of all freight documents. Since cloud-hosted TMS systems give all team members access to logistics paperwork from various locations, teams can work efficiently and collaborate easily.

With digital document generation and management, instant and reliable access to all necessary shipping documents is possible.

Why Manual Logistics Paperwork Management Wastes Resources

Digital document creation and management give team members, third-party partners, and customers instant access to transportation records. Staff members no longer need to spend hours searching through piles of paper. Errors with document copying and duplication are eliminated.
There are many reasons why manual processes are less effective in freight document management.
  • Lost and misplaced papers lead to loss of data, information, and resources.
  • Susceptible to protocol breach for customer data protection.
  • Excessive staffing hours delegated to relatively mundane and menial tasks.
  • Poor coordination and collaboration due to limited document sharing capabilities.
  • Delays at shipping yards and load docks due to missing or incurred documents.
  • Inability to easily update logistics paperwork for new specifications.
  • Slow response to inquiries due to long searches through papers and customer records.
  • Missed opportunities caused by delays in communication to team members.
  • Unprofessional handling of disputes and limited logistics visibility and insight.
  • Unable to scale and adapt quickly and efficiently to changing customer needs.

10 Benefits of Digital Freight Document Generation

Digital document generation and freight document management bring other benefits that transportation managers can appreciate.

  1. Easy to train and onboard team members in the system efficiently.
  2. Instant sharing capabilities that allow for on-demand reporting.
  3. Automated data completion for faster processing of freight documents.
  4. Improved control over logistics paperwork filing and reporting.
  5. More streamlined processes end-to-end throughout the entire network.
  6. Faster processing of data and custom reports and insights.
  7. Professional responses to freight claim processes and issues.
  8. Better opportunities to collaborate with diverse teams in diverse locations.
  9. Enhanced visibility and transparency with digital document generation.
  10. Reliable access to critical forms such as multimodal bills of lading and invoices.
Thanks to advances in cloud-hosting platforms and digital document generation, freight document management has become more streamlined.
When everyone from leadership to team members can access logistics paperwork and collaborate in real-time, freight document processing becomes more manageable. Shipping and transportation teams can work efficiently, collaborate easily, and use digital document generation for all shipping documents.

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Freight Document Management Efficiency Begins With the Right Technology Partner

In the digital era, it’s not surprising that many industries are experimenting with new technologies to streamline workflows. Freight management is no different.
In recent years, there has been a significant shift from manual documentation to electronic records. The benefits of this transition include faster processing and fewer errors due to human intervention.
Companies need to understand what document generation technology is available and why they should switch from paper-based systems.

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