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A Closer Look at the Many Roles of a  Modern Supply Chain Manager

The modern supply chain is experiencing a sea change at a magnitude unlike anything that has come before it. Swept up in the currents of change are the skilled professionals who help keep the wheels of commerce turning. The supply chain manager is the linchpin for helping their business keep pace with the accelerating pace of modern business. Consider the many unprecedented market dynamics that are unfolding:

  • Increasing velocity of technological change
  • Growing amounts of Big Data to analyze
  • Widening talent gap
  • Intensifying pressure to contribute to the business

Today’s supply chain managers are being asked to wear more hats than ever, as the number of supply chain jobs outpace the number of trained professionals. To survive, these modern supply chain professionals have to continue to stay on top of industry trends, adapt to new advancements, and evolve their skills to prepare for the next big wave of change.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the critical roles that the supply chain manager is being asked to fill: