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The Growing Problem of Supply Chain Information Security

Supply chain information security breaches are on the rise and constantly evolving. The misconception that information security only applies to large companies is becoming more and more of a falsehood as cyber attacks are increasingly targeting mid-size companies that may lack stricter, enterprise-level security protocols. In 2022, the incident rate of supply chain cyber-attacks grew 33%, with the average cost of a data breach topping $4 million.

The consequences of lax information security practices in your supply chain are far-reaching:

Information Security-Focused SaaS

The landscape of supply chain information security is serious – but not a showstopper – IF you choose compliant partners that meet the highest standards for customer data protection. MercuryGate leads the TMS industry in information security protections, including:

MercuryGate announces new
self-service trust portal

for external parties such as customers and prospects to gain access to relevant security documentation.  Customers or prospects can visit Trust Center ( where they can request our security documentation. Existing customers who already have an NDA in place via their customer contract will be able to request documentation without signing an additional NDA. Prospects will be presented with the NDA as part of the documentation request. This dramatic workflow improvement should allow customers to gain access more quickly and easily to sensitive security documentation.

Shared Success in Information Security

We understand that your most valuable business asset is your data – and we go to great lengths to protect the data housed inside the MercuryGate platform. Join us for this session where Chad Hicks, MercuryGate’s Chief Information Security Officer, will share perspective on the evolving security landscape, the collective role we all play in mitigating risk and the industry-leading steps MercuryGate continues to take protect data and maintain operational integrity.

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