Analog Strategies in an Omnichannel World

Transportation Procurement Benchmark Study

It’s no secret that transportation plays a critical role in most companies’ omnichannel strategy. In fact, in a recent study from American Shipper magazine, nearly two-thirds of retailers stated the importance of transportation.
In this Transportation Procurement Benchmark report, authored by American Shipper, 246 transportation buyers were surveyed on procurement practices, processes, technologies, and trends. The report outlines the findings of that survey, and discusses how transportation procurement fits within companies’ broader omnichannel and inventory strategies. The results also show a gap between what those companies think they need to be doing, and what they are doing.
Read this informative report to learn more about the ways shippers seek to clearly define how transportation fits into their companies’ broader omnichannel strategies, and how transportation procurement can help their companies achieve inventory and fulfillment goals.
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