MercuryGate Customer Portal

MercuryGate Customer Portal Video
As a transportation manager, your days are filled with answering countless phone calls and responding to dozens of emails. Everyone is asking you, “where’s my stuff?”
What if there were a better, simpler, and smarter way to provide great customer service and keep your internal and external customers proactively updated on every quote and every shipping order. What if they could see what you see and find answers to their questions faster?
The MercuryGate Customer Portal pulls in all your customers’ critical information into an easy-to-use, clean interface. Your customers can quickly log on, and get the latest information on their shipping orders, including key performance indicators, essential order details, load status, quote tracking, and activity updates..
From the control tower screen, customers can monitor every shipping order from a detailed map. They can also zoom in or use filters to drill down to see a particular shipping order or a set of shipping orders.
On the visual report dashboard, customers can scan reports on loads pending, picked up, in transit, and delivered. Visual graphs also display load count per origin or per destination, as well as carrier rate total spend per origin or destination.
And, customers can easily book a new shipping order via the Quick Add Quote functionality from any screen in the portal.
Whether you leverage visibility solutions or use the MercuryGate transportation management system (TMS) by itself, the MercuryGate Customer Portal provides an extra level of confidence.
With the new MercuryGate Customer Portal, you can look forward to spending less time on phone calls and emails, and more time on planning, executing, and optimizing transportation strategies for your customers.
Take a closer look at the MercuryGate Customer Portal today and find out how you can empower your customers with collaborative visibility.