MercuryGate Minutes | Using A TMS For Customer Experience Improvement

MercuryGate Minutes - Using A TMS For Customer Experience
What’s the greatest opportunity to encourage repeat purchases? Does it lie within the ease of online ordering, or does it perhaps have a more personal touch—involving the moment a customer opens the box they’ve been anxiously awaiting? The answer is a combination of both. Any interaction could mark success or be the kiss of death for future retail or wholesale purchases. And, in today’s highly-competitive and uncertain age, losing customers can mean the difference between business growth or lost market share.
Shippers and logistics service providers (LSPs) need a way to look beyond the risks and ensure positive experiences. Fortunately, the application of a transportation management system (TMS) can help, and by understanding a few things about the use of a TMS for customer experience improvement, you can achieve scalable, positive outcomes.