MercuryGate Minutes – Ways of Reducing Freight Damage

MercuryGate Minutes - Ways of Reducing Freight Damage
It is time to face a simple fact in international and domestic shipping. Things go wrong, and damages will occur. The causes of damage vary, but water is the most common cause of damage. Moreover, international shipments are so complex that the various activities along the numerous touchpoints increase the risk of damage. For example, the supplier and factory handle and load the cargo, the local trucker delivers the cargo, a local company moves cargo from warehouse to terminal. The terminal moves the container to another location. It gets sent across the ocean on a carrier. The entire process continues in reverse upon arrival at the destination. The complexity is never-ending, and the risk of freight damage and loss claims only continues to grow. To mitigate these risks and lower costs, shippers and logistics service providers need to understand a few ways to help protect themselves.