Talking Logistics & MercuryGate – Streamline The Procurement Process

Talking Logistics with MercuryGate - Streamline Transportation Procurement Process
In this episode of Talking Logistics, Adrian Gonzalez, President of Adelante SCM, and Shanon Hart, VP of Product Management for MercuryGate, discuss transportation procurement. Carrier selection is a critical aspect of transportation management. However, the complexity of the freight industry with multiple modes, varying rate structures and volatility in the market, both in terms of providers and capacity, can make this process time-consuming and challenging.
MercuryGate offers an advanced freight sourcing and procurement solution that provides shippers and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) with access to the optimal transportation solution for every lane or product. By managing requests for proposals (RFP) for all transportation modes with a single system and automating certain tasks, MercuryGate makes it easier for companies to select carriers.
Developed specifically for transportation, MercuryGate’s Procurement function expedites the bid process by aggregating rich data from a variety of sources. The technology provides visibility to market trends as well as historical carrier performance. It can also improve carrier participation by enabling collaboration with carriers via portals and providing them more information throughout the process.