Talking Logistics & MercuryGate – Transportation Optimization

Talking Logistics - Transportation Optimization: The Transition From “Nice to Have” to “Must Have”
Customer expectations continue to rise. Yet the pressures of today’s omni-channel distribution and e-commerce channels make it harder than ever to develop efficient load and route plans. Transportation optimization can help. While a growing number of organizations have embraced transportation management systems (TMSs) to manage their transportation strategies, many companies still believe that optimization is too complicated or only for very large shipping requirements. Yet today transportation optimization is moving from “nice to have;” to a crucial tool for managing the industry’s complex shipments.
In this latest episode of Talking Logistics, Jim Davis, MercuryGate’s vice president of optimization, and Adrian Gonzalez, president of Adalante, discuss exactly what transportation optimization can do for your business, and how optimizing every aspect of your transportation network can help you reduce freight costs and improve efficiency.