Ensure Last Mile Success With A TMS​

The issue of last mile delivery has become a hot topic in supply chain management in recent years

It is the final – and some may argue the most important – opportunity for an organization to connect with its customers. Yet many companies still struggle with lack of visibility at the first and middle miles of a product delivery – setting them up for even greater challenges at the last mile.

When it comes to last mile delivery, technology has taken on a bigger role, especially as customers increasingly expect fast (and often free) delivery options. A transportation management system (TMS) is a must-have to meet and exceed customer expectations of on-time and efficient deliveries. Shippers, third-party logistics providers (3PLs), freight forwarders, brokers, and carriers rely on a TMS to create dynamic routes to deliver merchandise in the most cost efficient and timely manner possible.
A TMS enables precise route optimization, allowing companies to provide more visibility to customers in terms of delivery timeframes and tracking of their orders. The next generation of TMS is providing improved optimization capabilities to continue to drive higher ROI, while utilizing a cloud-strategy to make a TMS cost-effective and available to companies of all sizes.
This Brief from ARC Advisory Group, TMS and the Current State of Last Mile Deliveries, examines how organizations are handling last mile deliveries today, and also discusses how a TMS helps close the gap on inbound and outbound shipments, providing better visibility and allowing for more accurate time frames for consumers. The end result: improved service levels and customer satisfaction.
Download the ARC Brief to learn more about the role of a TMS in ensuring efficient last mile deliveries.
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