ARC Service Excellence

Using a Transportation Management System to Drive Service Excellence

Transportation management systems (TMS) have a very strong return on investment (ROI) based upon a proven ability to lower freight costs, with most companies reducing freight costs by 5-10 percent. To stay competitive in today’s market, lower costs isn’t enough, supply chain managers also have to meet or exceed customer expectations while also improving operational efficiency. The question is whether it’s possible to achieve all three?
In a survey conducted by ARC Advisory Group among TMS users, customer service was said to be a “very important” consideration by 65 percent of the respondents. The challenge for many companies is measuring the impact of good customer service and to justify the cost of a TMS.
In this new ARC Brief, Steve Banker makes the case that a TMS is the foundation needed to lower costs, improve service levels, and increase overall efficiency. Banker also demonstrates how some companies are quantifying service improvements, how a TMS can help drive service level excellence, and which metrics to use in measuring good customer service.
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