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The smartest transportation brands in the world choose MercuryGate

With over two decades dedicated to transportation freight automation, MercuryGate has built up an impressive customer base including top Fortune 100 organizations, leading third-party logistics (3PL) experts, as well as up-and-coming organizations seeking to maximize their transportation performance.

Through our global network of 3PL partners, the MercuryGate transportation management platform automates the shipping for over 1.3 million of the world’s largest globalized businesses. This means we manage more than $60B USD in freight, processing approximately 120 million loads per year, and 70 million transaction files per month.
We are deployed in over 126 countries and on average process 3.1 million daily logins across 50 countries. This gives us an unparalleled perspective on the real needs of transportation teams as well as the extensive opportunities for savings we can pass on to our clients.

Stand out in your industry with Total Transport Leverage™

The bottom line for our customers is Total Transportation Leverage. This means effectively leveraging time, people, information, opportunity, efficiency, and innovation. The result is significant cost savings, revenue opportunities, risk mitigation, service enhancement, and differentiation within their industry.
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Bringing success to all five types of user

Through our unique architecture, MercuryGate enables exceptional performance across all user types including 3PLs, brokers, carriers, freight forwarders, and shippers. This gives us unique insights into the needs and opportunities of all transportation teams. We’ve used this broad outlook to design and deliver superior, highly-relevant functionality that gives our customers real competitive advantages in the marketplace.

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