Empowering freight brokers to stay ahead of customer needs

Predict capacity and respond with quality

Freight brokers prefer MercuryGate to accurately predict demand using capacity data from within the platform or across the Internet. MercuryGate enables freight brokers to not only identify the right carriers, but to automate compliance of both scorecard metrics and industry-specific needs such as safety and insurance.

Freight brokers leverage MercuryGate to access capacity from a wide range of sources at the right price. And, because the platform supports all modes – air, truckload (TL), less-than-truckload (LTL), flatbed, parcel, rail, intermodal, bulk, and ocean on a single platform – you can consistently find the best solution for every customer and every shipment.

Keeping Score To Deliver Carrier Quality

An innovative freight broker was looking for a more efficient way to manage carrier quality. They understood that the only way to optimize carrier performance was to closely track activity and assign capacity based on current results.

They leveraged MercuryGate to automate the process, developing comprehensive carrier score carding that updated on an ongoing basis. They achieved this by using the data warehousing capabilities to unify data in one central repository that can be easily accessed by team members.

They use this comprehensive, easily accessed data to identify the best carriers, negotiate competitive rates, and assign capacity to the carriers most likely to deliver. MercuryGate’s powerful automation and ease of use frees up their leadership to focus on developing more successful and profitable client relationships.

MercuryGate Train Isometric

Making massive growth plans a near-Term reality

A start-up freight broker had big goals for growth. To achieve this, they needed freight broker software that could execute across all modes of transportation and manage all service types. And it had to be able to do this with speed and reliability. At the same time, the freight broker wanted to offer lucrative optimization and freight audit capabilities.

To tap into this level of performance, they chose MercuryGate to handle all domestic and international requirements. MercuryGate’s advanced functionality and ease of use supported so much growth that it moved scalability from a future need to a current one. In less than a decade, the freight broker leveraged MercuryGate to go from zero to over 10,000 loads monthly, with annual revenue of nearly $100M USD.

Find out how MercuryGate gives freight brokers greater power and efficiency for success