MercuryGate TMS training & certification

Just-In-Time training to be efficient and proficient

Advanced features and functionality are only as valuable as our customers’ ability to use them. That’s why we’ve developed a series of quick, one-to-five-minute digital training modules designed to provide the just-in-time learning users need to be efficient and proficient. The training covers the entire platform offering and is deployed based on the user’s experience level (industry novice to expert programmer). Available over the web, they are shareable, reusable, self paced, level based, and learner driven.

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Professional TMS training – online or in-person

To support rapid onboarding, MercuryGate offers transportation management system (TMS) training and certification courses to address a range of TMS training needs at MercuryUniversity. TMS training is available in four programs:

MercuryUniversity Training Certifications

Third-party logistics providers (3PLs) or “super users” who have undergone rigorous certification are qualified to sell, implement, and manage the platform. In fact, several have built tens-of-millions of dollars in business using the MercuryGate platform. Discover new skills or develop, build, and enhance current skills using MercuryGate’s tools and methodologies.
Training TMS
Training TMS

MercuryUniversity Pricing

MercuryUniversity has a variety of pricing models for you to meet your training and certification needs. Our pricing models are determined by the number of courses or paths you enroll into.

Subscription models are also available. We will work with your company to support your growing team’s needs through on-demand micro-learning modules that cover hundreds of learning experiences.

Pick your TMS training path

MercuryUniversity offers multiple learning paths where you can enroll into a specific path, a combination of paths, or all paths. Not sure what path is best suited for your journey? No problem; we can recommend the appropriate path for you.
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Micro-Learning Modules

On-demand nuggets of bite-sized training, addressing one
learning module at a time.

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Solution Content
Specifically focuses on our key product suite functionality within the MercuryGate platform.
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Advanced Content
In-depth experiences comprised of multiple modules that represent different attributes of the entire MercuryGate platform.
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Enablement Content
Targets the inner workings of the MercuryGate platform, while simultaneously broadening your soft skills.

Discover how MercuryUniversity TMS Training Works

All courses are available on-Demand and are accessible through your learning management system profile.