Comprehensive data warehouse capabilities

Advanced Data Mining For Embedded Analytics​

MercuryGate offers true data warehouse capabilities that enable in-depth data mining and strategic analytics. Why invest in a stand-alone data warehouse when you can store, access, and measure data from within MercuryGate’s secure data warehouse?
Unify your data within a single data warehouse. Easily generate and distribute reporting that enables better operational decision-making. Turn complex data assets into simple graphic representations that any transportation management system (TMS) user can understand and apply. This enables more informed, efficient, and reliable transportation management throughout the enterprise.
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Augment Your Data For Greater Insight​​

Using MercuryGate’s data warehouse, you can also augment internal data sources with MercuryGate’s data to create expanded viewpoints that let you see your transportation business in new ways. You can use this enhanced perspective to drive future strategy development and decision making.

No wonder many of the best third-party logistics providers (3PLs), shippers, brokers, carriers, and freight forwarders in the world tap into MercuryGate’s data warehousing business intelligence. The majority of the Fortune Top 10 and hundreds of other entities reap these benefits by using the MercuryGate platform to analyze profitability, identify additional cost savings, monitor rogue spending, evaluate carrier performance, and much more.

Data warehousing and business intelligence that empowers your decision making

MercuryGate data warehousing business intelligence enables you to:

What makes our data warehouse and data mining better?

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Integral Reporting Engine
The integral report writer permits real-time reporting against all of the major TMS objects. Other industry solutions have an add-on reporting engine, if any at all.
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Unlimited Customized Reports
Create customized reports, which are most relevant and meaningful to your management and company. Although there are many default reports – you don’t have to rely only on predefined reports.
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New Data Insights

Combine internal data with external data sources or spreadsheets to expand the scope of analysis and deliver more value.

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Execution Data
Gain access to execution data for valuable operational information. Our business intelligence also delivers more strategic insights, including elements such as user productivity, process throughput, and issues by location, to name a few

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