3 with the SME: Improving Global Trade Management with MercuryGate

Global trade complexity creates ongoing challenges for organizations that rely on international sourcing and transportation. While offshore production can reduce costs and drive competitive advantage, regulatory requirements and data management demands create risks that jeopardize profit margins, customer service, and ultimately, brand reputation.
Discover how MercuryGate is evolving our Smart Transportation offering to help global trade participants streamline global trade processes. Join our Global Trade Management experts for 3 with the SME on Wednesday, July 10 at 3 p.m. to find out why our customers are better positioned to minimize manual activities, reduce operational costs, maintain compliance, and accelerate border clearance – all while meeting regulatory expectations.
Register for “Improving Global Trade Management with MercuryGate” and hear our Senior Vice President of Global Trade Solutions Don Mabry and Vice President of Product Development Scott Rockower discuss:
Learn more about how MercuryGate’s expanding transportation management capabilities empower customs brokers, self-filing importers, and other global trade participants. Attend our conversation and learn how we can help you mitigate risks and gain a competitive advantage with your international supply chain.
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