Empower Customers With Collaborative Visibility​

The New MercuryGate Customer Portal

Managing your transportation strategy means constant communication with your customers who want to know “where’s my stuff?” They want to know where their freight is, when it left, and when it will arrive. And, that can mean multiple phone calls and emails to keep everyone up-to-date. What if you could provide your customers with greater visibility into their freight movements from an easily accessible gateway?
The new MercuryGate Customer Portal gives your customers direct visibility into what’s happening across their entire transportation network. Powered by the MercuryGate TMS, the Customer Portal is a collaboration hub that pulls all essential shipping data into a single, easy-to-use interface.
In this informative webinar, you’ll see how the Customer Portal can enable you to:
  • Monitor shipping through a graphical control tower view.
  • Track load activities, milestones, and related metrics via a clean, visual dashboard.
  • Easily book a new shipping order via the Quick Add Quote functionality.
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