Q1 2023 Logistics Landscape

Logistics Landscape Founders’ Edition: Navigating Today’s Challenges to Deliver Customer and Company Value

The logistics landscape is ever-changing with transportation and supply chain trends affecting your ability to serve customers and control costs. The year 2023 is no different.

For guidance on navigating the currents of the year ahead, watch our Founders’ Edition of MercuryGate’s Logistics Landscape featuring perspectives from our industry experts:

Watch the on-demand webinar for a review of the broader trends occurring across the transportation and logistics industry in Q1. Our expert panel shares advice for using autonomous logistics and visibility across your shipment lifecycle … so you can deliver value to your customers and your company.

Watch now for insight on timely topics like visibility, sustainability, vehicle routing and scheduling, lost and damaged freight, international sourcing and product safety compliance, and other topics relevant to your transportation management operations.

Watch the Q1 2023 Logistics Landscape webinar