When every move matters, trust the MercuryGate TMS to get the job done

Robust Transportation Management System customized to strengthen your strategy

Now more than ever, the transportation industry is a competitive minefield. One wrong move and your customer could be on their way to a different provider. To get ahead, rely on the right technology to take your business to the next level. The MercuryGate TMS gives you the confidence of knowing every business decision is backed by supporting, real-time data, enhanced end-to-end visibility and integrated connectivity across your entire team.

At MercuryGate, we’ve collaborated with leaders across the supply chain and logistics industry to develop a suite of technology solutions customized to create more opportunity to retain customers, reduce spend and streamline operations.

Choosing the right transportation management system is not just about meeting your needs today, but staying ahead of changing business needs tomorrow. Find the best solution for you:

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I'm a Shipper

35% of shippers consider a TMS as an integral part of their strategy to maintain an advantage despite ever-changing consumer demands. It’s time to transform your supply chain from complex to connected to stay ahead of the competition.
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I’m a Broker

You are focused on making calls and making deals. You need a solution that can withstand the daily pressure to optimize now and prepare you for what’s next. Learn how the right TMS can become your best strategic partner.
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I’m a 3PL

Management is what you do and so do we. We help you stay on track and ahead of disruptions through powerful solutions that keep on pace with your customers. You focus on them, and we’ll focus on you.
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I’m a Freight Forwarder

When price is king, how do you separate yourself from competition? Find out how freight forwarders are utilizing a TMS to create a competitive advantage and strengthen the customer experience.
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Get ahead by leaving spreadsheets behind
Accelerated technology enables a more strategic supply chain. To go further, it’s time go faster.  The right transportation management system automates your day-to-day tasks to get you back to what matters most – fast-tracking your business goals.

Simplify your workflow and streamline communications to the warehouse to dramatically improve on-time delivery.

Complete redundant, menial tasks in just a fraction of the time with less chance for human error data entry mistakes.

Strengthen inventory forecasting to eliminate out-of-stocks and excess stock scenarios with complete accuracy and precision.

A TMS can help you better manage data while creating substantial cost reductions for your business.

What Makes the MercuryGate TMS Different

Enhanced Control Tower Capabilities

The supply chain control tower used to primarily offer only visibility to your immediate trading partners but not anymore. The MercuryGate TMS offers so much more with real-time visibility, stronger collaboration and powerful functionalities that move today’s business into an autonomous, powerful machine. Drive faster, stronger business decisions that create positive business impact across your organization.

Control Tower Features include:

  • Rapidly determine where  goods are located within the transportation chain
  • Keep track of items placed in boxes stacked on skids located in a container
  • Quickly aggregate the location of detailed SKUs (down to serial numbers)
  • Dynamically change routes based on the business needs
  • Enable rapid, often automated, real-time response to changes in shipment status and customer demand

The information gathered throughout this process provides the data necessary for rich analytics and sophisticated event management and reporting.

Better Business Starts with Better Data

Today’s complex supply chain requires a simplified approach to aggregating and understanding data across the entire network. Without a TMS, your business can be faced with delayed business response time, potential human error in data entry, and the loss of valuable information should your spreadsheets and manual approaches crash.

Using embedded analytics – which examine existing data as operational decisions are made – MercuryGate enterprise TMS automatically applies the most current and relevant data to the operational decision process at three levels. At the point of inquiry, users execute real time queries against their data to locate answers to specific questions.

  • Increase/decrease the number of loads offered to carriers based on historical availability, superior acceptance percentage, and on-time performance (and within the limits of your volume incentive agreements)
  • Allocate premium appointment slots to the carriers that habitually demonstrate the best on-time performance so that your facilities operate smoothly during peak periods
  • Give preferential treatment to the best carriers or trading partners, and reward them with expedited payment to influence load acceptance and on-time performance
  • Utilize load/unload and historical transit times to validate appointment duration and current trip time between appointments
Save money, maintain a competitive edge, and bring better data closer to your fingertips with the support of the MercuryGate TMS.

Easily Manage a Global Enterprise

MercuryGate enterprise TMS is a global, multimodal TMS used by over 120,000 users in over 50 countries each day. From multi-currency to virtually unlimited language support, MercuryGate’s unique capabilities can be deployed anywhere in the world to manage multimodal, multi-leg, cross-border movements from any origin to any destination.

International Capabilities Include:

  • Multi-modal, multi-leg, end-to-end optimization and planning
  • Quoting, booking and invoicing in a closed-loop process
  • Bid procurement and settlements using contracts or spot rates
  • End-to-end movement visibility and business intelligence
  • Sophisticated cost allocation rules
  • Robust data management and partner collaboration

MercuryGate TMS can be delivered on-demand or via dedicated servers in the MercuryGate global data centers. Clients may opt to host the application in their own data centers. Regardless of the delivery method, MercuryGate clients experience a rapid implementation and positive return on investment unlike any other enterprise transportation management solution on the market today.

CRM & TMS Will Drive Your Business Forward

As any organization’s most important asset, customers deserve special attention. To nurture valuable relationships, MercuryGate TMS includes CRM for Transportation with built-in customer relationship management functionality.

Increase employee productivity, track company-wide customer activity, reduce keystrokes, and solidify customer loyalty by using CRM for Transportation within the cloud-based MercuryGate TMS.

CRM for Transportation can either be integrated with an existing CRM or used as a standalone application at no additional cost. With CRM for Transportation, TMS users gain the advantage of having vital customer facts at their fingertips, including:

  • Track leads/prospects/accounts requiring call-backs or other urgent actions
  • Utilize workflow activities to vet and approve new customers
  • Update customer profiles from the dashboard
  • Capture and reuse information often lost during customer communications
  • Harmonize supply chain processes and improve service experiences
  • Model compositional relationships between data (parent-child/one-to-many relationships)
  • Trigger events: rule-based configurations via workflow
  • Integrate with existing applications – real-time (e.g., web-services) and batch updates (timed import/exports)

When your CRM and TMS are integrated, you can amplify the functionalities of both to create a higher ROI and make the most of your current systems. 

Ready to see it for yourself? Request a Personalized Demonstration of the powerful MercuryGate TMS.

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