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Carrier Management

What is carrier management in transportation? Carrier management comprises a business’ activities to monitor and manage the performance of transportation service providers, or carriers.

What is Carrier Management?

Carrier management is the process of overseeing and controlling the activities, costs, and performance of companies that provide the conveyance of goods, people, or services.

what is Carrier Management in Transportation?
Carrier management in transportation comprises a business’ activities to monitor and manage the performance of transportation service providers or carriers.

Primary areas of carrier management in transportation include carrier performance scorecards, contract and rate management, and claims management.

Transportation modes (road, air, ocean, rail) often require logistics carrier management activities specific to the transit method.

  • Ocean Carrier Management for freight moved in cargo containers by ocean-going vessels, often internationally.
  • Carrier Management in Trucking manages and monitors shipments moving by full truckload or less-than-truckload (LTL).
  • Parcel Carrier Management ensures shippers utilize the best small parcel carrier based on the shipment and contracted carriers.
  • Final Mile Management in the difficult final phase of a freight shipment’s transportation to a final destination, often requiring diverse delivery service levels.
Modern carrier management in transportation relies on software that supports supply chain visibility via analytics, aids in critical business decision-making, and improves collaboration with transportation carriers.
Carrier Management Systems

Carrier management systems are a piece of the overall transportation management system (TMS) platform. For shippers, a carrier management system:

  • Allows users to manage carrier performance and benchmark it against commitments.
  • Tracks each shipment against delivery commitments and then reports on performance.
  • Empowers users to manage the entire shipment life cycle from order management, carrier selection, and tracing through financial settlement and reporting.
Integrated with a TMS, a carrier management system provides shippers with immediate rate quotes from multiple carriers and real-time awareness of carrier service.
Carrier management systems leverage technology for transportation service providers to manage equipment utilization, fuel price changes, evolving federal regulations, and customer expectations.
Multi-carrier Management Software

Multi-carrier management solutions give parcel shippers access to a wide range of transportation carriers and services in one technology platform.

Software solutions help shippers identify the appropriate parcel carrier from contracted carriers. Selection is based on order characteristics (i.e., weight and dimensional properties), delivery rules (i.e., delivery time and zone), carrier performance, and cost differences between service options.
Multi-carrier parcel management software supports the creation of shipping labels and shipping manifests, provides status messages to customers, and manages carrier rates.

Automate Carrier Management

MercuryGate TMS Carrier Management
MercuryGate TMS Carrier Management empowers users to streamline monitoring and control across freight transportation activities.
  • SaaS-based Management System
    Control user access for individuals or teams to manage carriers from any location.
  • Automatically Qualify Carriers
    Vet and qualify transportation providers to minimize risk at the carrier and load level.
  • Communicate via Carrier Portal
    Seamlessly interact with carriers without expensive APIs or EDI.
  • Create Carrier Contracts
    Obtain carrier rates and generate contracts to streamline carrier selection for mini-bids or short-term contracts.
  • Model New Carrier Contracts
    See how new contracts and carrier relationships can improve throughput.
  • Multimodal Optimization and Visibility
    View and manage all assets across all modes and carriers to ensure a positive customer experience.
MercuryGate TMS carrier management extends to final mile transportation service providers. Additional benefits provided in this piece of the multimodal platform include automated alerts triggered by real-time events, dynamic rerouting based on changing conditions, customer appointment scheduling, and data sharing across collaborators.

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