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The supply chain industry is rapidly growing. And, over the next decade, millions of new jobs will open up as the Baby Boom generation continues to retire. Businesses are looking individuals who have more than a college education to hire, they’re placing greater value on individuals with real-world experience. Without experience, landing that first big job is a lot harder. MercuryGate has developed a solution.

MercuryGate University brings students real-world TMS experience within a classroom learning environment. Through this program you will receive the skills employers are looking for, learning on the best software in the transportation management industry. At the same time, you’ll be able to build college credits within your supply chain undergraduate program.

What does this course mean for you as a student? A bright future for an individual with the right education, desire, network, and skills. As demand for logistics and supply chain professionals grow, MercuryGate University is creating a workforce prepared to meet it.

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Student Benefits

  • Learn how to solve realistic business challenges using the best TMS software on the market.
  • Earn a competitive advantage in the job market with hands-on experience.
  • Student career placement opportunities and internships through MercuryGate’s customers and partners.
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Jobs in logistics are estimated to grow by 7 percent between 2016 and 2026, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to the MercuryGate TMS

This course takes students through a typical process tree for designing and execution of route and load workflows. The class defines the process of creating, rating, tendering, tracking delivery, invoicing, and all the way to the settlement of a freight shipment. Each topic point includes an interactive video presentation and an adjoining lab to practice procedures. Modules are able to be completed within 30 minutes sessions.

Topics Include:

  1. A first-hand look at the MercuryGate TMS
  2. Creation of a routes or loads
  3. What rating is
  4. Determining carrier capacity
  5. Tendering a load
  6. Tracking freight
  7. Carrier invoicing
  8. Customer invoicing
  9. Exceptions
  10. Multi-modal and complex moves
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Leveraging the MercuryGate TMS for shippers, Logistics Providers, or Freight Brokers

The interactive training courses for the MercuryGate TMS covers knowledge needed to get loads from creation to delivery and settlement in different industry segments.

The courses include demonstrations with hands-on exercises and interactive challenges to give you, the student, live situations within a TMS environment. The courses cover real-world, “day in the life” scenarios for missed pickups, expired and rejected tenders, late arrivals, and other challenges.

Quizzes help reinforce key concepts. A slide deck of flashcards accompanies the class for easily accessed and quick reference to extend your learning.


Modern Technology for Transportation Management by Steve Blough and Howard Troxler

This book applies robust Transportation Management System (TMS) solutions to the modern challenges of the supply chain and logistics services provider industries.

The chapters address topics like:

  • Obtaining market rates
  • Finding carrier capacity
  • Managing complex movements
  • Handling workflows and exceptions
  • Optimizing loads
  • Directing inbound freight
  • Actively managing carrier records
  • Invoicing
MercuryGate University - Modern Technology for Transportation Management Book Cover

This book uses as its model the MercuryGate TMS and related software tools developed by MercuryGate International Inc. MercuryGate is a transportation management software company headquartered in Cary, North Carolina.

The Textbook is Available on Amazon

Modern Technology for Transportation Management: ISBN – 13: 978-0996550802

Modern Technology for Transportation Optimization: ISBN – 10: 0996550801

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