MercuryGate Makes Automated Claim Management ‘EZ’ for 5,000+ Users Filing Nearly 600,000 Claims

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Driving industry value remains hallmark of one-year anniversary of TranSolutions acquisition, the world’s first and only automated freight claim software solution

July 22, 2020 – CARY, N.C.MercuryGate® International, Inc.,(MercuryGate) the largest and rapidly growing independent transportation management system (TMS) provider, today marked the one year anniversary of its TranSolutions, Inc. (TSI) acquisition. The one button claim capability of its integrated carrier claim network which includes XPO Logistics, Frozen Food Express (FFE), The Customs Company and others provided more than 5,000 users processing nearly 600,000 claims the ability to file more than $1 billion in claims in 2019, alone.
“While we couldn’t have predicted the vast number of shipper enterprises facing unprecedented supply chain disruptions and setting up virtual operations overnight, MercuryGate’s goal to acquire TSI is as relevant today as it was one year ago,” said MercuryGate President and CEO Joe Juliano. “To deliver value, drive modernization and enable innovation so shippers can tackle operational challenges every day from anywhere. Nowhere in the market can carriers, service providers, shippers or 3PLs have the ability to embed, integrate and automate tens of thousands of claims generated every year with a click of a button except through our freight claim management tools.”

MercuryGate’s powerful TMS combined with TranSolutions’ MercuryMyEZClaim, QuickClaim and MercuryCarrierClaim software drives further efficiency within shipper enterprises to reduce labor and administrative costs, increase claim success rates, leverage analytics to drive modernization and improve claim turnaround. MercuryMyEZClaim consists of one comprehensive freight claim management system which organizes shipment information, creates a universally accepted claim form and manages the claim life cycle from recording payments to generation of reminder letters based on claim status. With TranSolutions’ integration APIs between carriers and MercuryMyEZClaim, submitting claim data and customer engagement data quickly and accurately is as easy as a push of a button from anywhere.

“Current claim processes require reams of paper copies, multiple email communications and significant time and attention before you can even start the process,” said TSI co-founder and MercuryGate Vice President Joe Celestina. “That’s why we developed the world’s first and only automated freight claim software capability with our QuickClaim tool, now enriched by the power of MercuryGate’s TMS.”
In 2019 alone, more than 5,000 users of the MercuryMyEzClaim tool submitted almost 600,000 automated claims involving approximately 78,000 companies. MercuryGate continues to add new transportation customers of all types, modes and geographies including companies that have rolled out the solution enterprise wide during the current pandemic.

Computerized Distribution Systems (CDS) Vice President Richard Lucarelli, who provides services to Fortune 1,000 companies, said, “we’ve been using the MercuryMyEZClaim system for more than 15 years and we’ve always considered it mission critical to our operations. Never more so than today in the support of our clients faced with a globally disrupted supply chain and an unprecedented volume of carrier claims.”

In addition to expanding the MercuryCarrierClaim and MercuryMyEzClaim carrier network through APIs, MercuryGate will integrate the claim filing process directly into its powerful TMS. Claims processing will become a real time event. From automated claim notification to processing directly from the shipping order with load and item detail critical to proper claim investigation, the result is faster financial determination, claim resolution and improved customer service.
“From the start, our shared mission with TranSolutions has been to bring automation and modernization to the industry with value-driven solutions that are easy to use, easy to operationalize and widely available anywhere, anytime,” said Juliano. “We believe our customer and value driven mission is on track and we are just getting started.”

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