Powerful Optimization Tool from MercuryGate Uniquely Supports the Transportation Industry’s Demand to Drive a Disrupted Supply Chain

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April 9, 2020 – CARY, N.C.MercuryGate® International, Inc., (MercuryGate) the largest and rapidly growing independent transportation management system (TMS) provider, today announced it will provide online education – free of charge – to help customers tackle a disrupted supply chain with its Multimodal Optimization tool. The automated, smart load planning tool leverages customer operational data – anywhere in the world – to produce realistic and executable load plans. The purpose-built optimizer for the transportation and logistics arena, uniquely addresses the current global supply chain disruption confronting sustainability around the world.
“In a time of uncertainty, MercuryGate wants to come alongside our customers to offer tools and free training that can help address the demands of a disrupted supply chain while operating with a virtual workforce,” said MercuryGate President & CEO Joe Juliano. “Never has there been a time where faster, automated capabilities operating in real time will help the economic well-being of companies and communities.”

Multimodal Optimization Uniquely Addresses a Disrupted Supply Chain

MercuryGate manages transportation operations all around the world – from simple to complex movements and modes – including truckload, less-than-truckload, parcel, intermodal and rail, ocean and air. As the only TMS provider to offer integrated fleet and best-of-breed TMS capabilities on the same platform, Multimodal Optimization enables users the ability to orchestrate backhaul optimization and continuous moves whether on MercuryGate’s TMS or any TMS. The solution provides a transparent view on how and why load plans are selected using business intelligence to optimize smart load choices. Multimodal Optimization leverages any rating engine to take into account real world constraints, making the new tool a game changer in the industry.
“By automating consolidations, creating multi-stop loads and leveraging backhauls, MercuryGate Optimization looks at all orders maximizing efficiency, minimizing demands on trucks and drivers and delivering immediate value,” said Juliano. “While Optimizer works with any TMS, when running on MercuryGate’s TMS, customers get Total Transport Leverage (TTL). TTL is a unique combination of feature-rich functionality and usability addressing the growing complexities of supply chain automation. In a time where tender rejects are running high, TTL allows users to not only do round-robin tendering but also enables them to broker loads through email blast or a private bid board. Now loads created by MercuryGate Optimization can be executed even when contract carriers are unable to move the freight”.

Free Access to MercuryUniversity Optimization Learning

MercuryGate’s online multimodal optimization education offer spans an array of advanced and solution course work free of charge through July 31, 2020. Among the coursework offered, the online training allows users to set up the optimizer tool and start leveraging operational data that fits their unique business needs in less than 45 minutes.
Among the many industry-leading features, Multimodal Optimization delivers:
  • Ease of use. The highly accurate, automated and easy to understand solution requires no special data or new information than what is already in a provider’s TMS. Orders are pulled in and optimized and such items as rates, carriers, equipment, locations, hours of service, etc., are automatically leveraged by the optimizer.
  • Transparency. The veil of complexity is removed, and users can finally see why loads, stops, carriers and times are or are not options and how and why they are optimized. This removes the persistent uncertainty of optimization and is a unique MercuryGate Multimodal Optimization feature and functionality.
  • Process Automation. The solution can be set up to automatically create loads at high volumes or at low volumes, particularly beneficial given the underestimated complexity of simple routes.
  • Orchestration. The automated features enable providers to orchestrate backhaul opportunities and continuous moves across multiple restrictions and constraints including pooling points, docks, delivery windows and ship dates, all in one automated system.
  • Adaptive Behavior. The system can manage and adapt to all types of supply chain complexity from constraints and congestion to movement type and hours of service.
A global, multi-billion-dollar MercuryGate shipper who serves customers in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Mexico and the Caribbean through thousands of locations and multiple U.S. distribution centers uses Multimodal Optimization to plan and execute inbound freight movements from multiple vendors. Using a single control tower view allows them to look at thousands of inbound orders across all vendors to develop a comprehensive plan to move freight efficiently into distribution centers. Due to the high volume of daily orders they receive, Multimodal Optimization runs an automated process that plans, consolidates and tenders loads to carriers seamlessly enabling the company to focus on other pressing priorities.

To learn more about the Multimodal Optimization free education offer, MercuryGate customers should contact their customer success manager. New customers can learn more about Multimodal Optimization here: https://mercurygate.com/solutions/planning-forecasting/multimodal-optimization/ or request a demo: https://mercurygate.com/demo/.

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