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Transportation sourcing is complex. You must consider multiple modes, a wide range of potential providers with varying capabilities and capacity, as well as numerous rate structures in the market. MercuryProcure is designed specifically for the unique requirements of transportation sourcing. It asks the right questions in bid requests, compares proposed service levels against past carrier performance of your shipments, and ensures you have access to current market conditions regarding rates.

Why MercuryProcure?

Procurement Management Learn How - To Accelerate Bid Process

Accelerate the bid process

Simplify data collection and use templates to execute more bids, faster.

Procurement Management Learn How - Maximize Purchasing Power

Maximize your purchasing power

Select the best carriers, and the optimal modes for shipments across your entire transportation network.

Procurement Management Learn How - To Reduce Cost Of Transportation Across Modes

Reduce costs for transportation across all modes

Analyze and rank all modes of transportation with one system.

Procurement Management Learn How - To Maintain Positive Carrier Relationships

Maintain positive carrier relationships

Communicate effectively and efficiently with your carriers.

View How MercuryProcure's Organized System Provides Clear Procurement Management

Automation & Transparency = Positive Carrier Relationships

MercuryProcure allows you to compare current rates against last year’s benchmarks using your actual shipment data. This in-depth comparison enables you to accurately model the rates submitted by carriers against executed shipments, providing you with maximum purchasing power.

With MercuryProcure’s aggregated shipment information, guided bid creation, analysis and execution, you are able to easily communicate with carriers, enabling you to execute more bids, faster.

Additionally, MercuryProcure provides greater visibility for carriers into your supply chain needs and metrics, ultimately helping you maintain positive carrier relationships.

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MercuryProcure is integrated with the company’s other products and is designed to allow customers to use carrier rating, carrier performance and real-time shipment data to project accurate costs as they make transportation purchasing decisions.

– Eric Johnson, American Shipper Magazine

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