Course Topics

Record Actions in Saved “Macros”
Post-Audits for out of Line Expense or Freight Spend by Cost Center
Historical Experience by Lane, Carrier, Freight Type
Re-Rate Loads Based on Different Assumptions
Run Analysis on External Data

MercuryEdge Training

Available to MercuryGate clients as a free download, MercuryEdge is an open-ended toolbox for analyzing logistics data.

The MercuryEdge course will take you through the basics of setup and usage, using a series of hands-on lab exercises in which you run the application and conduct your own logistics analysis.

MercuryEdge can record actions in saved “macros” for one-click or automatic execution.

Learn to:

Break down your historical experience by lane, carrier, freight type or any other criteria.

Construct “what-if” scenarios and re-rate loads based on new assumptions.

Run post-audit analysis, look for out-of-line expense, and break down freight spend by cost center.

Use your own data from the TMS, which is fully integrated with MercuryEdge, or import external spreadsheet data such as a proposed rate structure or a prospect’s historical loads.

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