How to Maintain Cost Control Through Multimodal Shipping

Retake Control Over Costs With The Right TMS Vendor

Multimodal shipping encompasses the use of two or more modes, ranging from ocean freight through over-the-road (OTR) modes to final delivery. In today’s modern supply chains, multimodal shipping is a necessity for handling the demands for fast, inexpensive, and global deliveries. It can help you control costs, while also improving customer service levels. To achieve true success, multimodal shipping requires due diligence, end-to-end collaboration, and visibility.
This white paper will bring the real-world implications of multimodal shipping to light, including:
  • The challenges of the logistics industry as a whole, how it shapes freight strategy during peak season, and how multimodal shipping will play out in the new year.
  • The unique challenges in building multimodal shipping options, including securing the best carrier network and providing customers with more transparency into shipping processes.
  • The stark benefits of success in multimodal shipping, such as access to more capacity, drivers, and delivery options.
  • How shippers can prepare to implement and start using multimodal shipping immediately.
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