The Shippers Guide To Transportation Management System ROI​​

How to Calculate the Maximum Return on Technology Investments

It’s a well-established fact in the supply chain field that transportation management systems (TMS) have a good track record of delivering significant value. The key question for shippers today is under what circumstances can they achieve and maximize the return on their TMS investment.

This informative white paper provides a framework that shippers can use to calculate their ROI on a TMS, and guidance for maximizing the value of their investment.
Key takeaways include:
  • ROI for TMS is strong and growing, according to ARC Advisory research.
  • ROI impact is dependent upon specific supply chain characteristics and what components of the TMS are chosen for deployment.
  • Not everyone is starting from the same place. Companies migrating from manual processes to a TMS have a greater ceiling of opportunity for ROI.
  • There is a sea change toward cloud-based TMS, with shippers valuing configuration more than customization.
  • Technology alone cannot drive ROI. It requires a plan, buy-in, and hands-on management every step of the way.
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