Freight settlement made easy

Streamline your settlement process for a true strategic advantage

Intelligent Automated Freight Settlement

MercuryGate’s freight settlement solution is built into the transportation management system (TMS) and powers better accounting and settlement. Accounts payable teams, finance managers, accountants, and business managers are able to tackle complexity with best-practice workflows. Manual settlement can be time-consuming and inefficient. Managing even a modest number of transactions can tie up important resources. And the process grows exponentially with the review of after-the-fact accessorial charges, including reweights, reclassifies, and duplicate billings. MercuryGate’s freight settlement TMS solution delivers a strategic advantage, creating a closed loop from shipment origin through final payment.

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Fast, Efficient Freight Settlement Augments Your Team

MercuryGate freight settlement automates accounting and freight settlement processes, including the ability to:

  • Implement self-invoicing among carriers and supply chain partners to better manage business processes, ranging from accounts payable through accounts receivable, forcing carriers to become auditors.
  • Assign GL codes by cost center or customer to allocate charges, thereby creating more efficient operations and leaving the settlement processes to the system. If manual management is necessary, managing by exception rather than the rule promotes faster settlement and fewer accounting errors.
  • Calculate commissions and manage accruals with robotic process automation (RPA), off-loading an additional burden on the system.
  • Perform comprehensive claims management, leveraging automation to see when errors occurred, manage claims from filing through resolution, and reduce risk of recurrence.

Reduce Strain on Internal Resources

Eliminating the manual sorting of invoices and trying to reconcile disparate sets of financial data frees your staff to work on more critical issues. Invoices compare to loads within the automated system electronically, validating shipment data and recognizing potential issues. In most cases, this happens on “autopilot,” via our settlement robotic process automation (RPA) without any user intervention. When a true exception is noted, MercuryGate immediately brings it to the attention of the accounts payable team, identifying its cause and possible resolution. RPA reduces the time spent on settlement, further enabling the team to be more productive.

Comprehensive Claims Management

MercuryGate makes it possible to reduce transaction and administrative costs, as well as the manual data errors that come with them. Dedicated claims management centralizes data to identify inefficiencies impacting service and spending. Easy, on-demand sharing and access to this information enables faster claims’ resolution and return to normal operations. The deep granularity of key metrics helps organizations clearly understand carrier and vendor costs. Explore the savings and benefits of comprehensive claims management with MercuryGate.

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Enhanced Claim Documentation

Does freight arrive when it’s supposed to on a regular basis? How often are there exceptions?

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Clear Paper Trail

Send email directly from within the system to maintain a distinct paper trail organized.

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Identify Trends On Outstanding Claims

Over 95 automatically generated reports and graphs, map visualization and drill down by state and county, and automated report delivery.

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Customized Data Mining

Choose from our 450 different variables and create your own custom reports. 

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Efficient Administrative Controls

Assign and schedule tasks for other users while restricting access as needed.

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Is their equipment up to speed?

Assess the reliability of the carrier’s fleet based on its age, breakdowns experienced and other criteria.

Key Differentiators of MercuryGate’s Freight Settlement Process:

  • Best-practice workflows with robotic process automation (RPA). Our workflows lead the industry in enabling shorter time to value with automated robotic processes, reducing manual management labor costs.
  • Easy-to-learn system. Novice users gain experience and can navigate the system with minimal training.
  • Rapid integration with third-party payers and systems. Easily integrates with any financial system.
  • Ability to flag duplicate invoices. The system automatically flags duplicate invoices. A clear dispute process allows users to exchange messages directly with the carrier to resolve the discrepancy.
  • Automated support for reweigh and reclassify. The system identifies when freight is reweighed or reclassified by the carrier in their invoice. Users validate the amounts generated from reweighs and reclassifications common with less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers by automatically re-rating the shipment charges against the contract.
  • Billing. The system automatically generates customer invoices upon reception of carrier invoices. RPA ensures documentation accuracy and enables end-users to make prompt payment. If a customer requires specific documentation to support certain charges or complete payment, the platform uses past data to ensure those requirements are met prior to invoicing customers.
  • Control reports. Control reports provide insight into operations between invoicing and collection, showing outstanding carrier invoices and rationale for why a customer has not yet received an invoice. This is an excellent way to understand accounting practices and manage cash flow as well.

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