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The proactive power to turn complexity into your competitive advantage

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Feature-Rich functionality to automate your entire transportation life cycle

Manage all modes in all geographies. Optimize routes, rates, and end-to-end processes. That’s the power of MercuryGate in action. Tap into unmatched exception management, which both identifies exceptions and prioritizes them based on impact to the business. MercuryGate’s dynamic, embedded business intelligence drives strategic decision making, deriving the superior power to maximize operations, support growth, and solve complex global transportation challenges.

10 powerful features you need

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Flexible Modeling
Differentiate your organization through the platform that provides a logical and efficient way to model multi-enterprises within the domains of third-party logistics providers (3PLs), brokers, carriers, freight forwarders, and shippers. All roles, configurations, rule sets, references, processes, and code tables inherit down through your enterprise hierarchy and are available for future use to save time and resources.
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Market Rate Index

Access buy and sell rate information for all major modes, including truckload (TL), less-than-truckload (LTL), intermodal, parcel, ocean, air, and rail. The MercuryGate rate index tool contains a vast amount of rate data compared to other indices. In addition to showing all major modes, it also includes rates extended directly by carriers and by 3PLs, brokers, carriers, freight forwarders, and shippers.

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End-To-End Optimization

Optimize routes, rates, and processes to achieve greater overall efficiency. Avoid risk and proactively seize opportunities with data-driven accuracy. Improve the total effectiveness of routes through use of historical transit information and other critical data.
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Automated, Prioritized Exception Management

Better manage risk through alerts for both explicit exceptional events and probable exceptions, based on the absence of shipment and load updates within a required timeframe. Prioritize resources and proactively prevent costly errors before they happen. Gain more data to use in contract negotiations as well.
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Broad Capacity Sourcing

Source capacity from contracts, the spot market, rate indexes, historical data queries, predictive analytics, a private fleet, or a specific carrier’s fleet. More capacity amounts to better freight rate management and lowers total freight spend.
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Dynamic Workflows
Automate any resolutions to the system-generated exceptions in a manner that scales easily and executes accurately. Determine your own unique process steps in a simple and consistent user interface, while also allowing the solution to manage the complexity of the freight movements. This is exception automation on steroids, leveraging ongoing user-made changes to continuously adapt existing rule sets.
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Omnimodal Capability

Handle complex shipments with ease, regardless of whether by truck, land, sea, air, rail, or a multi-leg combination of all five. Track multimodal data at both an aggregate and granular level for unprecedented visibility. Optimize and rate each leg of the journey separately to maximize service and minimize cost around the clock.

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Fleet Management

More easily manage the performance of carriers and internal fleet operations. Stay connected with drivers via the Transflo mobile platform for real-time tracking, remote tendering, status updates, and more. The same functions apply to maintenance of equipment, claims management for insurance purposes, and more.
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Comprehensive Carrier Management

Gain mission-critical information about carriers, drivers, and equipment. Automate carrier compliance, including detailed information and alerts on insurance, safety, hazmat, performance, assets, and many other data types. This includes both government and other external sources as well.
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Optimize Embedded Parcel

Optimize parcel freight and support multimodal shipping and carriers domestically and internationally. Core functionality includes carrier booking and label generation, zone-skipping optimization, load-build optimization for volume discounts and incentives, and flexibly configure and control vendor access without ever leaving the platform.

Power to solve global transportation challenges

Experience what it is like to have feature-rich functionality to automate your entire transportation life cycle. Learn how you can manage all modes, in all geographies, while optimizing route, rate, and end-to-end processes.

Discover How the Power of MercuryGate Can Enhance Your Freight Transportation Performance