Transportation Visibility and Collaboration

Improve transportation performance and reduce risk

Reduce Risk and Seize Opportunity with Advanced Transportation Visibility and Collaboration

Empower your transportation team with the visibility they need to solve unforeseen problems, such as delays, added costs, and billing issues. Easily gain and control visibility to drive efficiency and make data-driven management decisions. MercuryGate’s visibility and collaboration capabilities make users more dynamic and effective.

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Get Proactive About Improving Your Transportation Performance ​

Visibility promotes proactive freight management by giving users the opportunity to intervene. MercuryGate enables both broad and granular visibility. Combined with other platform functionality this enables a superior standard of control and responsiveness. More visibility helps users clearly see events that are trending toward trouble before they become problematic. Proactive intervention reduces risk of disruption and promotes optimal freight management.

The Power to Share Visibility

Sharing visibility throughout your supply chain enables continuous improvement and proactive management of freight.
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Control Tower
Gain a control tower view of your transportation environment. Users may see current locations on maps, as well as remaining transit information. They can also add new shipments or route existing shipments. Non-TMS (transportation management system) users can also access statuses, as well as any proactive exception processes to avoid possible disruption.
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Proactive Tracking

Combined with platform functionality, proactive tracking of issues can reduce disruption risk. Since the supply chain continues to change, proactive visibility and management will always form a fundamental cornerstone of success.

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Carrier Portal
Connect to our global platform without needing to resort to application programming interfaces (APIs) or electronic data interchange (EDI). Extended portals provide all of the equivalent functions via simple web browser access. This occurs without the need for added costly systems, while also streamlining carrier onboarding and data sharing.
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Agent Delegation

MercuryGate customers can also delegate subsets of workflow processes to trusted agents, while still maintaining full oversight. For example, you can delegate overseas transportation and customs functions to an overseas partner, while still maintaining visibility.

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Supplier Portal

Access your vendors, manufacturers, and other suppliers from a single resource, centralize communications, and avoid scheduling and ordering conflicts. Better communication and collaboration make it easier to work with supply chain partners and reduce the burden of endless emails and phone communications. Using a portal further improves data quality, controls costs, and increases visibility.

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Customer Portal

The customer portal automates customer service inquiries and gives customers a self-service option. Non-TMS users can review shipment status, check carrier location, review remaining transit information, and explore their additional, expected shipments from anywhere without delay.

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