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The most sophisticated logistics leaders use MercuryGate

#1 among 3PLs

These transportation experts understand that no other solution gives them the functionality, ease of use, and scalability of the MercuryGate platform. Third-party logistics providers (3PLs) rely on MercuryGate as the backbone of their business and leverage its flexibility to differentiate them in the marketplace. This enables 3PLs to create thriving customer relationships and accelerated growth.
We continue to be the #1 choice for 3PLs:
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Our Industry Expertise:

  • Food & Beverage – Empowering food distribution companies to deliver on time and within compliance.
  • Pharma – Turning the complexity of pharma transport into a competitive advantage.
  • Retail – Enabling retailers to add visibility and collaboration capabilities into their supply chain.
  • Manufacturing – Achieve better operational decision making through our business intelligence.
  • Wholesale Distribution – Respond to marketplace shifts with real-time data and the ability to optimize on the fly.

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Why Does Our Platform Standout For 3PLs?

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Truck regulations can be time consuming and data intensive. MercuryGate’s platform simplifies the landscape. Advanced technology can enable automation and support fleet management.

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Business Intelligence

The final mile can be a constant challenge. MercuryGate’s platform drives efficiencies early in the shipping process, from identifying cross-docking and zone-skipping opportunities to considering multi-move line hauls.

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One bad driver can ruin the safety record of an entire company. MercuryGate’s platform ensures that all driver data (such as hours of service) and equipment (ELD mandate) is current and in compliance.

MercuryGate's technology platform helps global 3PLs and Brokers manage 25 million annual shipments with freight valued at more than $16 billion.


3PLs Supported

Flexibility to innovate as needed

Starting out as a carrier, this 3PL began outsourcing their fleet during downtimes, and offering logistics services. They needed a transportation management system (TMS) that was as flexible as they were to optimize across all of their activities and so they chose MercuryGate.
This 3PL wanted to leverage data to enhance their performance, so they used MercuryGate Business Intelligence to make it happen. They efficiently collect and analyze invaluable information that impacts  business performance. This includes individual key performance indicators (KPIs) and extensive carrier score carding, such as on-time pickup and delivery, electronic data interchange (EDI) compliance and tender acceptance to easily assess performance.

In this way, MercuryGate Business Intelligence enables this innovator to leverage data throughout the procurement life cycle to reduce risk and increase profitability.

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Simplifying The Settlement Process ​

A progressive, fast-growing 3PL provider was struggling to manage all their transactions. Its legacy TMS simply couldn’t keep up. They were particularly challenged with settlement, as their existing audit system lacked the robust rating engine needed to effectively reconcile, audit, and settle accounts.

MercuryGate’s freight settlement solution allowed them to better leverage the volumes of data in their organization, and eliminate tedious and inefficient errors that had to be addressed manually. These errors not only cost money, but strained customer relationships as well.  

With MercuryGate, they were able to streamline settlement efforts by up to 75%. This made their accounting far more effective, while building customer relationships rather than breaking them down.

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