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Top players in pharma and life science transportation rely on MercuryGate

In the pharmaceutical industry, fast and accurate global transportation can make all the difference in saving a patient’s life or enabling a breakthrough medical discovery. Especially in urgent situations, on-time delivery becomes the most mission-critical component of the supply chain.

That’s why leading pharmaceutical firms, drug manufacturers, biotech industry innovators, and life science companies manage their transportation through MercuryGate. Each day, our clients use the MercuryGate system to seamlessly deploy millions of loads of life-saving pharmaceuticals, drugs, lab specimens, and science and biotech materials in all modes – truckload, ocean, parcel, rail, less-than-truckload (LTL), flatbed, intermodal, bulk, or air – to all geographies.

MercuryGate’s unique combination of power and ease of use enables effective decision making quickly, supported by volumes of data, top security considerations, and advanced analytics. We turn the complexity of pharma transport into a competitive advantage, while helping to better manage the risks inherent in the industry.

Reducing risk for pharma company transport

A crucial responsibility for any transportation leader is managing risk on a daily basis and understanding where their attention is most urgently required. This is especially important for the pharmaceutical and drug industry, where accuracy and timeliness can be critical to saving lives.

The MercuryGate transportation management platform provides alerts for both explicit exceptional events and probable exceptions, based on the absence of shipment and load updates within a required timeframe.

This prioritized exception management goes beyond just presenting out-of-tolerance conditions by indicating the steps needed to address the condition. Through the exception dashboard, the system provides users with total network visibility of freight, carrier, and user performance.

What are the key risks in transporting pharmaceuticals and life science materials?

Key risks include:
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Temperature Control
Many drugs and medical materials must be transported within the right atmospheric conditions. If subjected to either hot or sub-zero temperature extremes, the chemistry of drugs can be affected. MercuryGate automatically accounts for clients’ cold-chain storage, preservation, and transfer needs.
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Delivery Speed

One of the risks in moving pharmaceuticals is that deliveries may be delayed. With our exception management capabilities, the MercuryGate platform enables teams to prioritize resources and proactively prevent errors before they become a crisis.

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Global Regulations

Compliance pertaining to pharmaceutical shipments and non-FDA-approved cargo is complex, with regulations varying by country. MercuryGate accounts for the European Union standards and others, including the World Health Organization and International Air Transportation Association. The system enables rapid, real-time updates to compliance rules.

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Pharma Security

The MercuryGate transportation management platform includes up-to-date GPS monitoring protocols and extensive security controls to reduce the risk of theft of pharmaceutical cargo at all load transfer points – customized for pharma and life sciences clients.

MercuryGate technology helps the world's largest life sciences and pharmaceutical organizations execute $5 billion in mission-critical shipments every year.



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