Freight carrier scorecards make your bottom line the winner

Rank your carriers with automated logistics metrics scorecards

Not all carriers perform at the levels you would like. So how do you know which should be your preferred choices and which should be chosen only as a backup, or not at all? MercuryGate makes it simple to attain and maintain accurate carrier scorecards in order to strategically select and utilize the right carriers for your organization. Rather than having to laboriously assess carriers on a per shipment basis, this freight carrier scorecard allows you to quantitatively rank each carrier. This lets you quickly and easily determine who your go-to carriers should be and why.

TMS Carrier Scorecard

Keep freight carrier scorecards current and actionable

Making decisions on old information is as bad as making decisions based on no information at all. MercuryGate automation takes the effort out of updating carrier scorecards on an ongoing basis. Data-driven performance measurement empowers your team with the information they need to consistently choose the right carrier for the job.
MercuryGate makes logistics metrics highly accessible, even for less senior members of your transportation team. In this way, using precise and current carrier scorecards becomes a reliable element in your team’s daily routine. Also, bring more to the negotiating table when you know what carriers have and which have not fulfilled their contractual obligations.

Assess carriers based on the criteria that matter to you

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Are They On Time?

Does freight arrive when it’s supposed to on a regular basis? How often are there exceptions?

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How Accurate Is Their Billing?

Mistakes happen, but too many of them can cost you time and money. 

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Are Drivers Compliant?
Are they compliant with OSHA requirements as well as the rules of the road? Detained drivers don’t arrive on time. 
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Is There Regular Damage To Shipments?

This can help you avoid damage you’ll be held accountable for and it can help the carrier identify undue risk. 

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Responsive To Your Requests?

Is service a high enough priority with the carrier? Do they meet your needs in terms of response time and speed of execution?

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Is Their Equipment Up To Speed?

Assess the reliability of the carrier’s fleet based on its age, breakdowns experienced, and other criteria.

Learn how MercuryGate automates your carrier scorecard process so you’re always in the know